The bias GBN host!!!

I think it is time for somebody to straighten out the goodly lady, Brenda Baptiste, one of the hosts of the radio programme run by GBN known as “To the point”.

In my view, the programme should be called “Brenda’s Point of View and not “To the Point”, since it is often dominated by the views of the host and not those of the callers.
The programme has shifted from its original intent ever since this Baptiste lady was given carriage of it.

As a regular listener, it is my strongly held view that the host of such a programme is to host the programme and not attempt to cajole persons who call to fall in line with her point of view.

Too many times, this so-called host can be heard arguing with callers who express a view that is contrary to hers. Ms. Baptiste is forgetting that her role is to host the various calls and allow the public to express their views.

I expect her to correct callers who might be misinformed about the subject matter.

However, she has taken on the role to me of always challenging the point of views of the callers to the radio station. That is not her role. If she wants to do that then by all means start a new programme and call it – “Brenda’s Point of View”.

If that is what she is doing then for heaven sake, Miss Odette Best must step in and seek sponsors for a new programme for Brenda and like I said earlier, please call it, “Brenda’s Point of view” and not “To the point”.

Ms. Best, I invite you to listen to Tuesday’s programme in which NDC’s Patrick Simmons, the former Minister of Sports appeared and the way Brenda was arguing with him, and there were other instances, like one with Mr. Joseph Andall as host.

Brenda, let the man say his thing and allow the callers to take him on. That is not your role. You should be playing the role of a referee in a boxing match between the former minister and the various callers.

Again, I want to take issue with the programme host for the manner in which she conducts interviews especially with members of the National Democratic Congress as opposed to those government ministers representing the New National Party.
Even the deaf can hear the hostility that comes from her mouth when she is interacting with the NDC people unlike the smiles and greeting that she dishes out on the plate of the NNP.

I stand corrected but I cannot remember one occasion in which this goodly lady has asked an uncomfortable question to any of the NNP folks on the programme.

Brenda, I can give you one to ask in case you are not enlightened. You are from the south and should look into reports that a lot of money is missing – thousands of dollars – is reported missing from the NNP Constituency branch and fingers are pointing in a particular direction. Ask the NNP people next time they appear on your programme about this because someone has a tape-recording of a meeting about the missing money.

This lady is always going out of her way to ask people like Joseph Andall why they did not form another party instead of joining the NDC.

Brenda, let me ask you this question – when Derek James and Peter David were involved with the NDC – did you support that party?

Why are you now so angry with the NDC under Nazim Burke? I thought you might have been more angry with Derek than with Nazim. Can you enlighten me? I might be reading you wrong and I hope so.

Brenda, I had a conversation with a top NDC man and he said to me that the other members of the party are very suspicious about you – they feel that you are bias and it comes out that way to them every time one of them appear on your programme.

A little black bird also whispered to me that one of these days the NDC people who appear on the programme might tear into you and dig into your past on your own programme.

A word to the wise might be just about sufficient at this point in time.

The Night Owl

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