Lessons from St Kitts and Project Grenada

The entire English-speaking Caribbean and members of CARICOM should speak out vociferously and condemn the shameful and embarrassing situation that occurred in St Kitts and Nevis following the general elections on February 16, 2015.

Denzil Douglas, Wingrove George and the Governor General should be held responsible for this gross attack on Caribbean democracy and should be banned from holding any public office in the future. There should be no compromise when protecting regional democracy.

One of the reasons the Caribbean has remained so peaceful over decades is because of the peaceful transfer of power from one regime to the other. The Grenadian Revolution is a reminder to all power hungry and dictatorial politicians of what the end product may be when they try to subvert the will of the people and stifle democracy.

Dr Timothy Harris must be highly commended for demonstrating excellent leadership qualities at a time when the situation could have easily get out of control. Denzil Douglas has been in power for over 15 years yet he failed to be a responsible and mature politician. The Robert Mugabe personality traits seem to be slowly infesting the region, as more and more Prime Ministers seek political power for life.

Someone needs to be made a public example so that these regional leaders with the inclination to be dictatorial and subversive with regard to the democratic process learn a very serious lesson.

Many of these leaders are total failures yet they continue to cling to power albeit with the support of the unsuspecting, the poor and vulnerable and special interest groups.

The action of the Supervisor of Elections in St Kitts isn’t an isolated case. The Speaker of the House refused for over a year to have a no confidence motion voted in the house against Denzil Douglas. He must now be charged with contempt of the constitution and the subversion of democracy. Such actions should never be allowed to blossom in the Caribbean.

The situation in St Kitts should be used by the people of the Caribbean to usher in a Caribbean Yellow Revolution. Use people power and the ballot to get rid of all those ‘projects and personalities ‘ whose goal is to create one party states in the region.

As the St Kitts situation unfolds it would be very interesting to see what happens in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Guyana in the not too distant future. While Guyana has term limits, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is seeking an unprecedented fourth term in office. The situation in St Vincent is extremely dicey and if not managed properly may lead to bloodshed. This election will be a test of the political maturity both of political leaders and the Vincentian electorate.

The embarrassing and shameful situation in St Kitts and Nevis occurred a mere two days before the second anniversary of the victory of the NNP in the last general elections in Grenada. NNP won all the seats and so is in total control of both houses of Parliament.

Having received an overwhelming mandate from the electorate, the anticipation is that Keith Mitchell and the NNP would deliver on their many ‘fairy tale ‘ promises made during the campaign. The electorate expected thousands of jobs to be created, having been told of scores of investors waiting to invest in Grenada once the NDC was out of power.

These have not materialised and the slogan has changed from ‘We Will Deliver’ to ‘Project Grenada’. This unexplained and mystery project was not mentioned once in the NNP election manifesto. Yet all of a sudden it has become the dominant theme of the NNP administration.

The architect of the new economy has been sent into exile, while Chester Humphrey, a communist and self proclaimed atheist, has been made President of the Senate as part of the alleged deal with Keith Mitchell under ‘Project Grenada’. What is even more interesting is that the slogan ‘Project Grenada ‘ is the brainchild of Chester Humphrey.

But what is ‘Project Grenada’? A careful analysis of what happened in St Kitts and Nevis will provide a much better insight as to the real intentions of that mystery project. Peter David allegedly provided the clearest clue when he mentioned on Andre Donald’s radio talk program that Grenada needs a similar government to that of Malaysia. The Malaysian government has just jailed its main opposition leader, the man seen as the only person capable of seriously challenging the Prime Minister, for sodomy.

Project Grenada, get rid of any serious opposition to the ruling NNP in their quest to lay the foundation for a one-party state. Create a parallel public service and police force.

Manipulate and sabotage the media, buy off the church leaders, tax the middle class voters to death, entice the young people through the Imani program and cajole big business and some trade unions under the grand scheme of ‘Project Grenada’.

Project Grenada has already failed even before the persons that the project is supposed to serve even understand what this project is all about. Grenadians take pride in their freedom and democracy and will ensure that Chester Humphrey, Keith Mitchell and Peter David fail with this botched experiment called ‘Project Grenada’.

The people of St Kitts and Nevis stood firm behind the Unity Party knowing full well that power belongs to the people. Grenadians in due course will also demonstrate their willingness to protect and preserve their democracy.

It is alleged that Denzil Douglas ran to Antigua to seek refuge from the people of St Kitts and Nevis. The same people he intended to govern for a fifth term. When Project Grenada implodes there will be no hiding place for the individuals who attempted to rob the Grenadian people of their fundamental rights and freedom.

Grenadians will ensure that their constitutional rights are not violated by any power hungry politician. Democracy will prevail. Project Grenada is an attack on Grenada’s democracy. Project Grenada will fail.

Forward Ever! Forward Ever! Down with dictatorship! Let the voices of the people be heard loud and clear.

Grenadian Class

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