Unhappy Independence Celebration

Funerals get better attendance than the recent Independence Celebration at the Stadium. These modest numbers show how many people are happy in Grenada, and have reasons to be proud and support our leaders. In fact it was a silent No Confidence demonstration.

Not too many wish to listen to the new optimistic words of the Prime Minister except soldiers delivered to parade and fat bureaucratic public servants who are the only happy now and indeed benefitted from independence.

It is not only unfair to celebrate our national shame and invite people to come celebrate with us, it is dangerous. It was luck for our leaders that Grenadians stayed at homes.

In his Independence Address, Prime Minister The Rt. Hon Keith Mitchel rightfully  said,  ”The interest of country must not be sacrificed…This is not about an individual, or a political party, or a religious group. This is about …the country-first mentality… to bring Grenada into the modern era; and to deepen the rights of its people.” Sweet words.

However later he said something different.  “The recent verbal attack on our church leaders… must be denounced. ..we must not reduce leaders to the type of ridicule, slander.  And all those who condone it are guilty. We as leaders… undermine our opportunity to lead.”

True, we do not need to ridicule our leaders. They did it for us by their results and deception. To expect respect one first needs to deserve respect.

For decades, local clergy blessed politicians and their failed projects by the name of God. Despite their active political role church leaders remained in the shadow masqueraded by artificial Conferences or Alliances to avoid personal responsibility.

The Public finally understood this primitive win-win scheme and now our pastors need protection of the politicians from the angry population. God does not help them any longer.

Moral values in the society are degrading quickly in line with unemployment and lost illusions and hope. Blessings disappeared because they became absolutely devaluated. Who will help politicians in the nearest future is unknown. Together with respect, our leaders are losing control. If one can’t use Stadium for celebration soon he will use it for prison a-la Pinochet.

Grenadian politicians and clergy are not the only persons in the world who are losing public respect because of their lie and poor joint performance.  But official protection of this cultural group from the government is a rare example in a country where church is officially separated from the state and freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution.

The role of church is seen in the centre of international public attention after religious-based conflicts that resulted in recent terror attack in Paris in January 2015.  In February, a gunman attacked a free speech forum then fired shots near a synagogue in Denmark.

The French publication had a particular interest in attacking religion as the most stupid and despicable thing.  In France, the battles over separation of church and state often ended up in the streets — and often turned bloody.

During the Paris Commune many Catholics were martyred, but even democratic governments oppressed religion and banned religious schools. Catholicism lost, and France got the hard-secularist bargain that it is so well known for.

France is a good example for Grenada because the two countries have deep common roots. France was the first European power that ruled Grenada for a century. At this time Catholicism was the official state religion in France and Grenada inherited the French language, policy, culture and Catholicism from them.

Later the British Empire added some British flavour with incredible tolerance and respect to existing traditions in Grenada.

Caribbean countries that stayed loyal to France or Britain as their overseas territories like Martinique or BVI today demonstrate European standards of life, stability and happiness without mass emigration and unemployment in contrast with bankrupted Independent Grenada.  Their societies are united and strong, with high moral and spiritual values.

Eric Gairy indeed united Grenada when after Bishop and all political parties united with one idea: not let Gairy back to power.

No point to commemorate it. We remember.

Deception, revolution, bankruptcy, growing public dissatisfaction and lowest international credit ratio are the sad reality of Gairy’s Experiment. If somebody wishes to commemorate Gairy and rename Botanical Gardens we can offer a name: Mongoose Garden.

Maybe the planned renaming of Botanical Garden will be a good signal for public demonstration of satisfaction and patriotism. After Point Salines Airport one more renaming can really become the last drop.  We understand changes other way.

Grenadian society is still silent and does not answer back to its home-grown leaders. Nobody knows how hungry and jobless Grenadian people would express their gratuity and who can stop them from doing this.

Maybe our leaders rely on their new fairy tales like Social Compact, Project Grenada, blessings from Vatican or Constitutional Reform? They ridicule only themselves.

41 years are enough for us to understand that we lost our way.

Independent Grenadian

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