Social Partners and Project Grenada

It is rather unfortunate and an affront for Dr Mitchell to attempt to use the goodwill of the social partners as a cover for his lack of ability to deliver on the promises made during the last election campaign. Within a matter of months after the last election, Dr Mitchell took the decision to place Grenada into a three-year IMF homegrown programme. As a consequence this led to the imposition of numerous taxes and levies on the backs of the poor people.

This decision taken by Dr Mitchell and the New National Party (NNP) contradicts the plans and policies put forward to the electorate to deliver a better quality of life than they were enjoying during the reign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The main responsibility of the social partners is to monitor the progress of the program to ensure adequate checks and balances and to advise the administration where necessary on specific issues and concerns that may arise from time to time. Having said that, Dr Mitchell, while addressing the nation on Grenada 41st year of independence, refers to the social partners as being fully on board with his infamous Project Grenada.

The PM should not be allowed to mask himself behind this grouping as he attempts to use them as scapegoat for his non-delivery and Project Grenada agenda. I am doubtful that the social partners, especially those who represent the church, will sign on to give Dr Mitchell and his administration the green light to introduce casino gambling on the island and to sell off our passports indiscriminately to foreigners.

Since, after the election the Patrick Antoine “New Economy” was laid aside in exchange for “Project Grenada” formulated by Dr Mitchell, and a group of dissidents that includes Peter David and Chester Humphrey who were expelled from the National Democratic Congress party due to failure to conform to the government policies and the core values of party that formed part of the constitution.

Those former NDC nonconformists who for their own selfish and greedy reasons were not willing to put aside their political differences, while at the same time putting all hands on deck to ensure the policies, projects and programs of the National Democratic Congress succeed. Today, this same dissident group has colluded with the New National Party and is now calling on all Grenadians to join them on what is referred to as “Project Grenada.

Grenadians are warned by Senator and Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress, Nazim Burke to not just listen to what they say but most importantly pay attention to what they do. These rebels were up in arms about PM Tillman Thomas not wanting to commit Grenada to ALBA and to introduce casino gambling.

Project Grenada is analogous to ALBA, casino gambling and citizen by investment program, this agenda is touted around as the quickest solution for the revival of Grenada’s broken economy.

The stage is already set by the formulators of this theory and the players are all in place, the casino bill is already passed, and Grenada is already delivered to ALBA, one important item left on the agenda and that is referendum for constitutional change. Should the administration succeed with the referendum later this year, this will ensure that Grenada becomes a member of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and to remove Grenada’s membership from the Commonwealth of Nations that are subject to the British monarchy. Once this is achieved the one party state will be well on focus and in trend.

The electorate should hold Dr Mitchell and the New National Party responsible for misleading them during the election campaign, which turned out to be a complete hoax. Politicians should not play games with people’s lives for the sake of winning an election and gaining political power. How can any political party that won an election on questionable campaign funding, heaping sets of lies and propaganda build a nation that is founded on truth and respect for God and fellowmen?

The nation has befallen a curse that needs to be broken; the nation needs to be healed from evil and evildoers. The churches need to pray for deliverance and healing of the nation. The appointment of an atheist as President of the Grenada Senate is wrong and must be condemned.

The populace should take a stand and say no to casino gambling, no to a one party state and no to the continued victimisation of our people from the powers that be.

Jerry Marryshow

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