– Psa 67, To the chief Musician on Neginoth, A Psalm or Song.

(Applied to Grenada)

– Psa 67:1 God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.

– Psa 67:2 That thy way may be known upon earth and all over Grenada, thy saving health among our people.

– Psa 67:3 Let our people praise thee, O God; let all our people praise thee.

– Psa 67:4 O let our nation be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern our nation and the nations upon earth. Selah.

– Psa 67:5 Let our people praise thee, O God; let all our people praise thee.

– Psa 67:6 Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God,even our own God, shall bless us.

– Psa 67:7 God shall bless us; and all the ends of Grenada and the earth shall fear him.

Lord God, we praise and worship you as a nation for you are great, gracious, and glorious. You are God Most High who sits between the cherubim. You are the Governor of our nation and its Sovereign Ruler even though many of us do not recognize you.

You have blessed us with many good things including our physical amenities and material possessions as well as our people. You have delivered us from many dangers toils and snares.

We thank you for another opportunity to celebrate our independence and identity as a nation on this two score and tenth year of independence, the forty-first occasion. You have kept and sustained us during the last four decades, and, by your power and grace.

We thank you in particular for your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and the provision of salvation’s blessing which have come to us through his sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. He is the only way to God and heaven for he is the way, the truth and the life.

But even as we lift our voices in praise to you we recognize that as a people we have not given you all the praise which you deserve. Our greatest expression of praise to you is a life which is lived for your glory, a life of faith, obedience, and righteousness.

We confess that our nation has violated your standards of sexuality with the majority of our homes consisting of couples co-habiting in common law and visiting relationships while our youth obsessed with the goddess of sex.

We confess the incest and rape of which we are guilty as a nation. We confess that drugs and drunkenness which dominate the life of so many of our people.

We confess our spirit of revelry and bacchanalia which is especially prevalent before and during Carnival. We think more in terms of fun, frolic, and finance instead of morality and decency.

We bow in shame that our nation is near the top percentile globally in drunkenness, especially among our women. We confess that we have chosen to trust in games of chance rather than to trust in you to supply our daily bread.

We confess the corruption which exist at different levels in our society. We confess our political and social fragmentation as a people.

We confess our lack of shame and demure expressed in the disgraceful and immodest manner in which our women expose themselves on our the streets and other public places.

We confess the profanity which is used so freely by young and old in the public domain and in our scenes of entertainment. We confess our lack of moral leadership in all sectors of our society.

We confess the lack of discipline in our homes and schools. We confess the violence against women and men as well as the murders we have committed.

We confess the lack of ethical conduct in our workplaces. We confess the abortions which are committed by means of which the wombs of many of our women and girls have become tombs.

Lord, we cannot sincerely praise you unless we are first willing to deal with those sins which stand between thee and ourselves as a nation. Forgive us for we have sinned. Cleanse us by the blood of your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and give us a fresh beginning in our relationship with you.

Lord, let our people praise you, let all our people praise your. Then shall our land yield her increase and God even our own God shall bless us in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ.


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