The new cold war

Many persons  will say that Obama is  trying  to lift the 60 year old embargo on Cuba, which was placed by the  U.S since 1961.

While this may sound good, it may not be so easy to do. Let us remember that lifting of the embargo does not only depend on Obama, but the approval of the American Congress, which is controlled by Republicans and who hold a  majority vote.

This embargo will not be easy to lift, given the preconditions the Cubans and the Americans are initiating – one of which is the return of Guantanamo province, where the Americans have a prominent military base which was separated from Cuba, during  the Spanish American war of 1898 which the US is still in control of up to today.

Added to that, the Americans are not being nice to Cuba – let us remember that the world order is changing, and we are almost on the brink of another new cold war, between the US and Russia.

The Russians have now established a new strategic alliance within Venezuela,   Bolivia, Brazil, and Cuba.

With new moves by the Russians to commence long range strategic bombers to start flying South, Central,  America, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico, this is clearly geopolitical ambitions, and the Americans are very uncomfortable with this new move by the Russians.

Imagine that even during the cold war, Russian bombers were not flying over the Gulf of Mexico. So clearly, the Americans just definitely have to try to get closer to Cuba  to strike a balance.

Russia has just whipped  out a 30 billion US dollar debt  which have accumulated since during the cold war  by Vladimir Putin as Cuba’s largest trading partner, which was some 6 billion dollars a year.

Remember, in the view of the US, this is a very dangerous development in the US backyard. So please when we are thinking that Obama is trying to chart a new coast, that does not mean that the Republicans really want that to happen.

We also need to take into consideration the world’s most advanced air defense missile system, which was developed by Russia, which is known as the S300 and the S400 which is capable of engaging 36 air  targets at the same time.

It is highly possible that this missile system could be deployed, in the US backyard.  Obama doesn’t just want to move the embargo – there are much more reasons for this.

It should also be noted that NATO and the West are encroaching on the ex-Soviet States which are now joining NATO.  All this is happening within the Russian borders hence the Russians are also wanting to get so close to the US where their national security will feel threatened by Russia,

Kennedy Jawahir

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