Rip-off at hotels

I am still in shock to find out that certain hotels in Grenada are still underpaying their  workers, even when it is brought to the knowledge of the unions, not much interest are being shown in the workers.

This does not surprise me given the level of compromise some union have been making to the benefits of employers and not the employees in this modern time with all this awareness of worker’s rights.

I am still speechless when the female worker reached into her  bag with tears in her eyes, and showed me her monthly pay slip of $EC400.00. There are some hotel managers and others in businesses in this country who continue to take advantage of the poor people.

I am therefore calling on the Labour Department to please make it their duty to protect these workers. This matter is now in the hands of a lawyer. I am also calling on the Government to please stick to their election promises, and avoid the high level of exploitation that is still taking place in this country among exploitative business owners and managers.

Case in point: Since the  first  manager retired from this hotel, the new female acting manager is doing as she likes, totally and bluntly ignoring the designated domestic wage agreement set aside in law agreed up on by both government, and the unions of 720.00 $EC per month.

I am calling for the dismissal of this acting manager with immediate effect. This is a very dangerous practice taking place in this country and it’s because some unions are in bed with government.

Added to that, there is very high-handedness going on with the same manager, who in my opinion is removing the legitimate  tour operators who are registered as Tour companies under the laws of Grenada, and giving  the work to taxi drivers, only to get a 10 percent off the job.

They are ignoring completely, the level of research and professionalism – taxis are not tour operators.

But there is also a high level of injustice being practice by some hoteliers while in the same breath, they continue to make promises to satisfy the best interest of the guests at their hotels and ignoring the comments echoed, by social media such as Trip Advisor etc.

Elements like these do not have tourism at  heart, but their own selfish motives. There is also another bad practice being condoned at the hotels – someone will just mark taxi on a H Vehicle and be allowed to pick guests even if you have registered taxis based in these hotel yards.

A lot more needs to be done by the hotel association to address these issues. Let us not mix up taxi service with tour companies as taxis can never be tours service providers because they are fundamentally different.

Some tour companies must have public liability insurance, which a taxi will not have. So I am calling on government, the unions, and private sector to constantly look into protecting  these poor and vulnerable workers in our society.

This meagre salary was paid in the early 1980s – some of these single parents still have three and four children to care for.

If the poor man does not have spending  power then the rich man cannot prosper.

Kennedy Jawahir

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