I have come to accept politics at the very least as entertaining if nothing else.

I have been monitoring a particular situation since this said newspaper bought it to the attention of the public and I am saddened to see that it pays to be a thief in Grenada. As I do not wish to mislead the youngsters I will add that, that is also dependent on who you are and who you know.

That a certain individual could have stolen from one government entity and then be given a higher position in another government place with access to even more of our poor nation’s funds is beyond me.  It does appear to the naked eye that some are being rewarded for stealing.

What exactly is the message that is being sent here?  Where is the Board of the Grenada Airport Authority?  What are they doing about this?

Theft occurred, yes the money was repaid but only when caught and unchallenged evidence was shown.  Why is this person still employed at GAA?  This individual stole from the people of Grenada……imagine that!  And not only was nothing done but the person was rewarded with a higher position.

Maybe it’s time for the people of Grenada to take a stance.  I think the people of Grenada need to publicly object to this person having access to our little island’s hard earned.  This is undoubtedly politics at its best or should I say at its worse.

What is the government saying here?  Once you are a NNP supporter you should steal from the people of Grenada?

A Very Concerned Citizen

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