Letter to Commissioner James


I want to bring to your attention a situation which I see time to time at the Police Band house on Upper Lucas Street.

I live in Windsor Forest and use the bus every day of the work week to travel into St. George’s to get to my work place.

As I pass in front of the Band House, I will notice that the grass in the yard might be a little bit high and in need of cutting.

Mr. Commissioner, the motto of the police is to protect and serve. I take that to mean that the police do not only have to serve and protect the public but also themselves.

I want to suggest that in serving themselves that the police can cut the little bit of grass in front of the band House to make the place clean and nice.

Sir, I do not want to believe that the Police are waiting on government to send in the debushing people or the folks at the Richmond Hill prison to cut the grass for them.

Who cuts the grass on the SSU compound at Point Salines? I would hate to think that it is not the SSU people themselves.

Mr. James should not have to call on the policemen at the Band House to cut the grass. The persons who occupy the building should like to operate in a clean environment and will make it their duty to keep the place nice and clean all the time.

The radio announcer Troy Garvey used to call the Police Band the best playing band in the land. I now want to call on the band to keep the yard as the best in the place.

The police should give themselves and the nation an independence gift by cutting down the tall grass now taking over the yard at the Band House.

Police Supporter

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