The Chester Humphrey controversial affair!

Over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders and died a brutal and painful death for the sins of mankind.  His suffering affords all those who believe this gospel the opportunity of redemption and eternal salvation according to John 3:16. This noble gospel truth is being recognized and accepted among many nations of the world, including Grenada.

As a mark of respect and honour to the supremacy of God and being ever conscious of this reality, our fore-parents saw the wisdom of establishing the Grenada Constitution, the highest institution in the land upon these noble principles that form part of its preamble.

The burning question is why is our premier institution of the land is being desecrated with the appointment of an atheist? Why is this NNP administration tampering with our ancient landmark laid down by our forefathers?

I have been listening to the ongoing debate in the media about Mr Humphrey’s eligibility to hold or not to hold such high state position. There is a minority who is of the view that he is qualified for the position, mainly due to his years of service in the Senate representing workers.

On the other hand, the majority holds strongly to the position that the issue in contention has nothing to do with his years of experience as a Senator but instead has to do strictly with his controversial state appointment.

Time alone will reveal the true motive behind the decision by the NNP administration for this appointment; however, I must add that such a decision is setting a dangerous precedent for the future standards of the country’s main institution, which can lead to a decline of the high standards by which the state is governed.

Suffice to say this matter is a serious one and should not be slighted by the people of Grenada, since this can have far reaching repercussions in the near distance future that we can all live to regret.

As a citizen of Grenada I join with the majority of Grenadians and call upon the NNP administration to rethink and revoke the state appointment of Mr Chester Humphrey as President of the Grenada Senate, since such an appointment is not in keeping with the preamble of the Grenada Constitution, neither is it consistent with state practice.

Mr Humphrey, sir, while I respect your rights and freedoms to believe or not to believe in the existence of God, the position that you currently hold requires of you to give honour and glory to Almighty God in the administration of that office and, since you will not be obliged by virtue of your own confession of being an atheist, therefore there should be no argument as to your unsuitability to hold such position.

“Ever conscious of God we aspire built and advance as one people.”

Jerry Marryshow

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