For those of you who would have read my letter last week, I am sure that you would understand where I am coming from.

This is not propaganda but the plain truth of the bramble that is posing as a government in Grenada.

Whatever the NNP delivered has been costly to our nation. Even when they attempted to deliver and failed, it was also done at a huge cost to the taxpayers dollars.

Let us continue to take a look at the NNP score sheets in terms of projects.

PROJECTS DEVELOPED BY NDC TO BE COMPLETED BY NNP (at different stages of development)

*The new Parliament building – not yet started

*The SGU teaching hospital – not yet started

*The St John’s river project (River Road) – not yet started

*The UWI university complex (Hope) – not yet started

*The Lowther’s Lane Complex – condemned by NNP

*The Carriacou free port project – still awaiting approval by NNP

*The MBIA expansion/renovation project – not yet started

*The Carriacou airport expansion project – not yet started

*The Halls of Justice project – still awaiting approval by NNP

*The new athletics stadium – ongoing

*The St Mark’s River project – completed

*The St John’s bridge and river project – not yet started

*OFID schools rehab projects – ongoing (started 2012)

*CDB schools rehab project – ongoing (started 2012)

*BNTF Top Hill senior citizens home – Started in 2013 (not complete)

*BNTF Carriacou hospital project – completed

*Energy for the poor project – dropped by NNP

*St Patrick’s road rehabilitation project – not yet started

*CCC farm roads project – partly started


*The Grenville market project

*The Grenville bus terminus

*The Mirabeau abattoir

*The Soubise Chinese housing project

*The Mt Gay Chinese housing project

*The Grand Anse housing project

This is a true reflection of the NNP’S actual performance over their 15 years in office in so far as it relates to investment projects of the type and nature that has the ability to expand our economy.

No one can say the NNP has not started a lot of projects, but they have not completed many of them and most likely will not based on their record.

The NNP will not be able to deliver on any major amount of revenue generating projects any time soon.

The record shows that of the above 85% in projects that was promised by NNP, to date less than 10% has materialised – so the question is can we trust the NNP and Dr Mitchell?

Patriotic Grenadian

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