Empty promises from NNP!!!

It’s now nearly two long years since the NNP gave Grenadians the pie in the sky promises and we all swallowed hook, line, and sinkers, for a second time.

In 1999, it was the same order with another clean sweep. I honestly thought by now Grenadians would have seen that NNP is really a government that is solely responsible for the deep economic hole that we have now found ourselves in.

This is called entrapment – Keith Mitchell gave unrealistic promises to the electorates at the last general election. Let us don’t forget that it was the same NNP government that borrowed at high interest rates a number of commercial loans.

This borrowing by NNP has brought Grenada to its knees with the national debt now standing at EC$2.4 billion and with 87 cents of every dollar collected by government going towards debts.

And what the country has received for all this borrowing was just a spate of concretisation of the island ‘s infrastructure all because of easy money from lending agencies.

The NDC is noted for Creditworthiness. Under the stewardship of the late Honourable George Brizan, NDC brought Grenada back from blacklisting by international funding agencies and governments.

It was the same government of the NNP that squandered the hard earned tax dollars of the citizens of this country.

We are the ones to be blamed for putting back this man there for another set of debts which even our great grandchildren will not be able to repay. Is that what Grenadians really want?

This Prime Minister is now feeling like a dictator because after doing so much damage to this country’s finances, they still continue to defend the slippery slope that we are now going down.

This  is the same party that said convincingly that Grenada did not have a problem with the global economic problems, but rather he said, that Tillman and Nazim could not manage the country.

That’s the same NNP that promised the electorate no new taxes, only to burden our backs with multiple taxes.

This is the same NNP that is trying to take all the credit for La Source/Sandals Resort, the flag ship Hotel which was brought about by the NDC government. Are we sleeping? Please wake up.

Look at the Call Center in St Andrew’s,  look at the Garden Group Hotels, look at the poor people lands at Mt. Hartman – they were deprived of their livelihood.

Look at the CapBank fiasco, look at the Levera project, a white elephant after acquiring the peoples’ lands to build an expensive golf course and club – the lands are now sitting in the bushes.

Grenadians, please look at the way in which this NNP government has recklessly destroyed this country’s image – can you tell me that this is a caring government?

The people who are really benefiting from this government are the party hacks with the big fat salaries, while there are hundreds of Grenadians who go to bed hungry.

That is how conscious we are as a people since we will always be vulnerable and totally satisfied with handouts, and two weeks of de-bushing every  year. Where are the tangible jobs which were promised to the young people who are coming out of college with good qualification.

At one point they were sending persons during the election to ask people what type of jobs they will want. What a joke. Let us wake up and take a different direction, let us vote with our heads and not our hands.

Kennedy Jawahir

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