Apologise for what?

Religious leaders who are calling on Jenny Rapier- host of the NDC Heart Beat program to apologise for comments which she made about religious leaders in Grenada are really boldfaced and should be ashamed of themselves.

What I think worry them is that they are accustomed to preaching to people and show them their sins but Jenny exposed them and showed them their sins and Instead of acknowledging that they have erred and misrepresented God by not living up to what God expects of them, they are demanding an apology? Should she apologise for speaking the truth?

The N.N.P in their quest to get back into power promised the people jobs, jobs and more jobs. Now they are having problems to fulfill the promises and as a result they are depending on casinos to help save face – it is said that a drowning man will grab at a straw.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, attempted what I will call reverse physychology and demanded an apology in an attempt to make these religious leaders look good and to try and reverse the pressure on Jenny.

Although she professes to be a Christian she presumably gave preference to her political career over her Christianity – that is her choice but like Jenny what disturbs me is that the Priests, Pastors or Bishops who claimed that they are servants of God, embarrassed Him when they failed to heed His command in Isaiah 58: 1 that in time such as these, they are expected to, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression.”

As a servant of God you are expected to show even Dr. Mitchell his transgressions whether he listens to you or not. Even if he decides to persecute you, you are expected to cry aloud and show him where he is transgressing.

What is hypocritical is that during the reign of the NDC when the debate on casino surfaced many of you supported Hon. Tillman Thomas on his stance of no casino. During those years I admired Father Shawn Dugget of the Roman Catholic Church for speaking out on morality and social issues.

All of you were very vocal but today our religious leaders have become very quiet. They are like tame dogs that have lost their ability to bark, much less to bite. Whether you voted for the government or not, God expects you to speak out whenever they do anything that is contrary to what God dictates.

Your quietness gives the impression that you are either in bed with the Government or that you are afraid that you would be branded as supporting the opposition and will receive the heavy roller. If that is the case remember the bible said, you cannot serve God and mammon, so choose who you will serve.
If you are a servant of God, then serve Him and do what he expects you to do. If you are a servant of the politicians, then serve them and stop trying to serve them both – you cannot serve God and mammon.

Remember the story of Eli in the bible? He failed to correct his sons when they transgressed and allowed them to continue serving in the temple. As a result God had to deal with him. It is said that leaders who fail to draw a clear line between right and wrong, that the people may understand the principles involved are blind leaders of the blind and for blind men to assume the role of leading others who are blind is the highest of folly.

Finally, I hope the members of the churches where these religious leaders are preaching will open their eyes and see that they have to find God for themselves and have a personal relationship with Him. They cannot trust or depend on these religious leaders for direction.

If they are afraid to speak out on such a simple issue, should the government decides to pass legislation against Christianity it’s possible that they will be quiet too.


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