The Constitution needs to be revised not with haste!!!

All the economic hardships that we have been going through will be made worst if Grenadians do not face up to the reality, that it is extra imperative that due diligence be given to the subject – Constitutional Reform – call it what you may.

The media in its varied forms has been under attack in many cases all because efforts were/are made to inform and educate so that one will be better able to make realistic decisions.

We cannot get away from the fact that the Grenada Constitution needs to be revised and in doing so every effort should be made to see to it that our citizens are fully and properly protected from all extreme elements.

The Constitution gives the Prime Minister a tremendous amount of power, which if used dispassionately will serve us well, but in today’s world where man’s main objective seems to be to attain power and more power and experience has taught us that absolute power corrupts absolutely – the animal instinct in the man drives him in  that direction – get rid of all opposing elements.

In order to avert the continuance of such, corrective steps MUST be taken.  Limit the term a Prime Minister can hold in such an office; set a fixed date for the holding of General Elections; Proportional Representation is paramount if we are going to have effective democracy.

Say what you may, injustice is more likely to be experienced in these parts, Grenada no exception, if we opt out of the Commonwealth; make appropriate changes in the appointment of members of the Public Service Commission; the appointment of the Commissioner of Police; even in the Judiciary, to mention a few.

The indecent haste and the method employed in addressing the revision of our Constitution need more attention – a hurry bird never builds a good nest – what better example of the latter do Grenadians need since P.M Mitchell’s full control, warned of his reckless and unproductive spending to achieve continued power, while our country languishes.

God help us.

Simeon Green

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