In the past two months I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing the company of some wonderful friends as we embarked on two projects that sought to give back to a wide cross-section of Grenadians.

In December we participated in the 3rd annual Made In Grenada/Clozier Development Committee Christmas Party and toy-giveaway for the Kids of the agricultural Village of Clozier.

Earlier this month we visited three Senior Citizens Homes, bringing supplies and an abundance of cheer and goodwill to quite a number of Grenadians who have contributed to and made their varying marks in the development of this noble land of ours.

Those two occasions by no means highlight the extent of volunteerism, acts of kindness and other social commitments of those I consider friends. In fact, while I am tempted to list some of those acts and the names of those involved, I will refrain since those selfless individuals will find such exposure a bit awkward, if not embarrassing.

You see, those projects are undertaken by individual Grenadians who seek to make a difference in the lives of those around them, who seek to make their Grenada a better place, not only presently but for generations to come.

This thought process has led me to a very popular catch-phrase that has been in the public domain recently – Project Grenada.

Having been involved in several projects of assistance and otherwise one is cognisant of the work that goes into making things happen and the ensuing tangible results, chief among them being the smiles and expressions of joy of those we engage on our outings.

As it relates to Project Grenada, one is puzzled and challenged to make any connections to tangible projects in this new realm. One is hopeful that Project Grenada is not just another euphemism for the political hop-scotch that has plagued us since Independence.

One can only hope that Project Grenada goes beyond new Senatorial appointments and ceremonial welcomes into the inner circles of those we so vigorously opposed, politically, in the not too distant past.

There is no progress without opposing views; no way can we advance as a people if we all share the same ideologies; this assimilation into a unit that thinks and acts alike is primitive, dangerous and counter-productive.

Grenada is still a democratic society and if one is desirous of playing ‘Tom and Jerry’ with his or her political career, by all means go ahead, expose yourself to be the materialistic hypocrite you are, however, do not attempt to justify your selfish behaviour by suggesting we all join you on the band-wagon of shamelessness and pretentiousness.

The persons I know, who give selflessly, who engage in Project Grenada without fanfare and posturing (or Pastoring) don’t need the glare of television lights, the microphones of radio nor any appointments for that matter. They don’t need to preach a convenient unity, their actions unite hundreds, if not thousands, they don’t have to denounce any organisation nor renege on previous stands they may have taken in defense of the working class of Grenada.

While one searches for the answers as to what really is Project Grenada, one is tempted to ask what are the membership requirements, if any.  Does the initiation process include lying on the ground in front of an immobile beer truck?  Or is it a bit more complicated.

Does the need for a Project Grenada at this time come from a constant burning desire to be at the helm of Grenada’s leadership? Are there lingering political issues and or promises, unbeknownst to the average Grenadian.

Project Grenada seems to be all smoke and mirrors, a carefully crafted combination of words aimed at dazzling the masses while the egos are satisfied and what seems like childhood desires of power and control are once again placated.

It is rather interesting that those who were hell-bent on Project Destroy Grenada – with threats of and work stoppages and political party divisions – are now the ones fronting the Project Grenada campaign. Let them be fore-warned that the days of propaganda and blind allegiances are over. And while there is a dearth of staunch political leadership, independent, hardworking, patriotic Grenadians are undertaking projects to the benefit of all of Grenada on a daily basis.

To the majority who do not need the limelight to make a difference, I do admonish you to press on, to those in the minority who cannot seem to get enough attention, please note that your conversations are taking place among yourselves with the majority of us as mere observers to the preposterousness that has now been re-branded Project Grenada.

Dexter Mitchell

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