NNP’S dismal investment score sheet

It is one thing to listen to budget speeches and press conferences by the Prime Minister and the NNP, but it is another thing when we take a true and honest look at the investment record of the NNP over the years, behind all the promises of delivery and criticisms of the past administration for doing nothing.

We as Grenadian’s must look back at what was promised and what we actually got, when we look back at all the promises by the NNP from 1995 to present.

One has to conclude that the NNP has failed miserably and therefore should not be trusted in regards to those new promises now being made.

I choose to stick strictly with the investment projects promised to us by the NNP over the years – projects we were told would help to transform our economy and bring much needed jobs, revenue and a better way of life for our people.

I challenge anyone in the NNP to prove otherwise in claiming the following to be an impressive record.

I dare to say that in spite of all the progress boasted about by NNP we are yet to see the kinds of projects that will bring real revenue to transform the nation’s fortunes after 15 years by NNP.

I begin with the present 24 month period from February 19th 2013 to now.


Projects Status

3 New five star hotels (Grand Anse beach) –

2 sites fence up

New prison complex – not started

New police headquarters complex  – not started

New Governor General’s residence  – not started

New agro-processing plant (Birchgrove) – not started

New Aviation Academy (Pearl’s)  – not started

Calivigny hotel project  – not started

Russian oil exploration – not made public

New Kirani James mini stadium  – not started

New hotel and restaurant Carriacou – not started

Score = 0 % delivery over 24 months

OLD PROJECTS PROMISSED BY NNP IN THE PAST FROM 1995 TO 2008 (yet to be delivered)

Projects Status

St George’s casino- hotel and cruise port – project never started, property sold

Levera Golf Course hotel project –  started but failed, funds lost

Hog Island/Ritz Carlton hotel –  started but failed, funds lost

River Antoine Organic Banana project – started but failed, funds lost

St Mark’s poultry project – never started, funds lost

Lagoon Road MNIB project  – never started, funds lost

Garden Group hotel project – started but failed, funds lost

Emerging Technologies/Postal Corporation project –  started but failed, funds lost

St John’s playing field upgrade project –  started but not yet completed

Tempe playing field upgrade project – started but not yet completed

St George’s Market project – being completed with NDC funding

Victoria Day Care Center building – started but not yet completed

St Patrick’s new port project –  never started


Port Louis Five Star hotel/villas –  started but failed

Bacolet Bay hotel – started but failed

Carriacou Marina project –  ongoing over 10 years

Mt Egmont hotel project –  started but failed

La Sagesse hotel project –  started but failed

True Blue Marina project (De Caul) – started but failed

Frequente Brakes factory  – never got started

Morne Longue Nutmeg Factory -started but failed

Lewis Hamilton Grand Beach five star hotel – never got started

Altman Boat building plant – Dusty highway (never got started)

Seamoon Call Center – started but failed

Offshore Banks (thousands) –  started but failed

First Stadium commercial project (rental space) – completed but failed financially

World Cup Cricket Home Stay project –   partly completed but failed

SGL Holding – gone bankrupt

Capital Bank –  gone bankrupt

Gryneberg oil exploration project  -ended in court battle

This is a true but only a part reflection of the NNP’S actual performance over their 15 years in office so far as it relates to investment projects of the type and nature that really have the ability to expand our economy.

I intend to write a follow up letter with the NNP score sheet on projects promised the people and never delivered.

No one can say the NNP has not done a lot of projects, but based on their record, they will not be able to deliver on any major amount of revenue generating projects any time soon.

My calculation shows that the NNP in 15 years promised so many projects but delivered on less than 10% of these projects – so the question is can we trust the NNP and Dr Mitchell?

Conscious Grenadian

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