Is the NNP really the party of the poor

Is the NNP really the party of the poor? Their record shows that they are not. We all know the saying “he who pays the DJ calls the tune”.

The NNP’s local financiers are the wealthy business people who live mainly in the South. That party also has a history of association with international “investors” with criminal records.

Michael Creft’s testimony before a US court revealed that men like Van Brink contributed significantly to the NNP’s coffers. Whose interests is such a party most likely to serve?

The NNP’s actions have consistently been aimed at keeping the poor in their condition. That party has never developed a plan for sustainable, well-paid jobs that would lift people out of poverty. It prefers to keep them in a state of dependence so that they have to keep going to MPs, ministers and party hacks for little hand-outs from time to time.

The fowl farm fiasco in St Mark’s is a perfect example of the way NNP operates. The one project that would have brought some jobs to that parish was scuttled by NNP’s greed and incompetence. Even as St. Mark’s and St. George’s North West remain NNP strongholds since 1984, they continue to be among the poorest constituencies in Grenada. The party maintains its control there by having the residents rely almost totally on the “kindness” of the MPs. The people of St Mark’s and SGNW must ask themselves if they have ever seen a beggar move up in life.

On the national level, the NNP has dismantled every programme that the NDC implemented to give the poor a hand up. NNP attacked the free books programme while in opposition and immediately destroyed it on regaining power. That programme was a massive relief for ALL Grenadian parents because the annual trip to the bookstore is the most expensive for poor families, who tend to have many school age children.

Education is the surest ticket out of poverty so he who fights against education is an enemy of the poor.

The refund to students with 8 or more CSEC passes was also taken away by the NNP. Just these two programmes meant that thousands of dollars remained in poor people’s pockets for other uses. Two fortnights on the road could never compensate for that loss.

Dr Mitchell’s excuse for removing the free barrels was that businesses were suffering as a result of the programme. This clearly shows which class of people he favours. In any case, although there
were no free barrels last Christmas, most businesses saw very little activity.

Dr Mitchell had no mercy on the workers of this country as he began to strangle us with taxes under his New Economy. However, he moved quickly to remove the hotel room tax when his bosses in the GHTA complained. He gives his new working class friend Chess, who must be a millionaire by now, opportunities to make even more money on tax payers’ backs.

hess rents out apartments, gets fat salaries from TAWU and CCL, collects NIS pension, money from Labour Advisory Committee and from his new position as the nation’s number three. What does Dr Mitchell offer his beloved poor? Two fortnights per year cutting bush.

Do I still need to provide more evidence that NNP/KCM love the poor so much that they enjoy keeping them poor?

Innocent Grenadian

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