Problems inside the Adventist Church

Dear Dr. Clinton Lewis,

I am sure that there are those who will say that the issues which are affecting the church should be kept within the confines of the church but since you are the one who caused the problem to be in the public domain I hereby use this medium to address you.

The way you treated our brothers and sisters at the Hillsborough Adventist Church was unchristian like and it has embarrassed the church. Your actions have tarnished the reputation of the church. Because of your arrogance you have brought the church to disrepute.

The battle which you fought with our brothers and sisters at Hillsborough was your personal fight. You are the one who benefitted. You vowed that you will deal with them and you did. You made history; the S.D.A Church was established in Grenada over one hundred years now and you are the first leader who saw it fit to try to close down a church. Oh, by the way the Hillsborough church was established even before the Mt Rose church- congratulation Dr. Lewis.

However, the general membership is not approved of your action. You embarrassed us big time. The issues involved were minor and could have been resolved in a christ-like manner but your ego did not allow you to find a peaceful resolution.

You claim to be a servant of Jesus but didn’t Jesus left ninety nine sheep in the fold and went out in search of the one wayward sheep that went astray and when He found it he said rejoice for I have found my sheep? Why did you do all within your power legally to throw out over two hundred sheep out of the fold? I am sure that Jesus is not happy about that. He came to seek and to save all who are lost and that includes our brothers and sisters at Hillsborough.

Dr. Lewis, the Church Manual states in page 190, “Christians should make every effort to avoid tendencies that would divide them and bring dishonour to their cause. It is the purpose of God that His children should blend in unity. The church should discourage every action that would threaten harmony among its members and should consistently encourage unity.” Your actions sought to create division within the church at a time when the church should be united in preaching the everlasting gospel.

Under the heading settlement of differences among members, the church manual page 191 states that, “every effort should be made to settle differences among church members and contain the controversy within the smallest possible sphere. Contentions, strife and lawsuits between brethren are a disgrace to the cause of truth… The church should, in preference to litigating matters in a secular court, make every reasonable effort in cooperation with the member to provide a process by which orderly settlement of the problem can be accomplished. Those who take such a course expose the church to the ridicule of her enemies and cause the power of darkness to triumph.”

How can one feel justified because you disbanded them? Your actions have brought the church to ridicule and only served to make the enemy happy.

John 13:35 states that a person is identified as a Christian by the way he shows love for one another. Your behaviour showed your true character. You did not act in a loving way; one can only see hate and a high level of dictatorship. Anyone who resists your dictates will be dealt with.

The church does not need a dictator to lead it at this time. We need a loving, caring, Christian person who will have the attitude of Jesus. The Jesus who I serve would never be happy or pleased with your behaviour; It does not reflect Him.

Matthew 5:44 states that a Christian will love even his enemies. Even when they were crucifying Him he said father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Our brethren at Hillsborough are not our enemies. They are our brothers and sisters. They follow all the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They are Seventh- day Adventists because they believe in the second coming of Jesus and they keep the seventh day as the Sabbath.

So it is foolish to believe that by disbanding them and taking legal action to force them out of the church building and by preventing them from using the name Adventist you win. You might have won a legal battle in the court of man but in Jesus’ eyes they are His children. They are Seventh-day Adventist in their hearts and you can’t take that away.

You have told lies to the church. Can you remember the last meeting with Elders and Personnel Ministry’s Leaders at Paradise Church? You said there that you had already won the case. You then went to Carriacou few weeks later to demand the keys for the church. When you did not get it you sent four men to Carriacou a few days later allegedly to make the building inhabitable. It was only after that incident that the court heard the matter.

One of the reasons for which members are disciplined is for disorderly conduct which brings reproach upon the church. You have behaved disorderly and you have encouraged others to behave disorderly when you sent two contractors and two other skilled men to Carriacou to allegedly make the building inhabitable or to change the locks on the doors.

Your actions have brought reproach on the church. The church needs to heal from the wound it received. With you at the helm the wound will take longer to heal or it may never be healed. In order for healing to commence you need to go. I therefore urge you to resign from your position as President of the Grenada Conference of Seventh day Adventist forthwith.

C. Edwards

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