The mark of the beast

It never ceases to amaze me, that a country as Grenada that prides itself as being a Christian country fails to live up to what true Christian values and practices are. It never ceases to amaze me, of what seems to be the utter ignorance or disregard for doctrine, commands, values, life principles, PROPHESIES etc. that the Christian manual the Holy Bible speaks of.

We have what they refer to as our culture the “carnival” where most of the people participating or spectating seem to have one motive in mind, action and words.  They all seem to want to outdo everyone else in dressing the least, dancing the worst, cursing the most, drinking the most alcohol and using the most illegal drugs etc. from sin to sin, all seemingly promoted and allowed by the government in the name of culture.

Was that the way the Christian founder, the Lord Jesus Christ lived his life and was that the things he taught that we should live by?

I beg to differ and he will differ also. Instead, Jesus Christ taught righteousness and true holiness as the way we ought to live our lives. Holy, Holy.

If Grenada is going to continue this same way, I propose a name change from Christian country to a pagan, heathen, secular, devilish or some other name, but not Christian.

However in light of Grenada claiming to be a Christian nation, there are certain PROPHECIES or further events spoken of in the Bible that Christians should be aware of. The Holy Bible speaks of a time coming when the whole world would be ruled by a one, world government.

The ruler of that government is referred to as the Beast or Anti-Christ Revelation ch. 13 – this ruler would require of all earth inhabitants or receive a mark, or (I.D card) in their right hand or forehead.

No one would be allowed to buy or sell except they have that mark 666 also referred to as the mark of the beast, Revelation 13.16-18.

Readers, read it and Leaders read it – read what Revelation has to say about, what is befalling us now and you decide.

It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart I am writing this article also with a sense of duty as a watchman on the wall of this nation and the world, to sound the alarm that danger is upon us. Wake up and be aware.

This article will tell the time and position of the human race in human history. It also revealed that well beloved and well-meaning Christian people have also been unaware and unsuspecting into receiving the Mark of the Beast.

I believe that the National I.D Card is the mark of the Beast being given to the Grenadian people. I looked at the “Beyond the Headlines” program on Monday, November 10, 2014, where the panelist was from the Department which seeks to promote the National I.D.

They had all sorts of reasons why the Card will be important but no one seems to remember The Bible and PROPHECY.

The head of the department, Mr. Nurse seems to be saying that the last voter’s registration card is not that card because the National I.D. card is unique and different.

Lew Smith, the host said the Voter’s I.D. card was issued to people eighteen years plus. The National I.D. card would be registration from birth. The P.S. Ms Jacinta Joseph said the Voter’s I.D. card and the Electoral Office is independent and separate and protected by law – words to that effect etc etc they went on.

However I could remember on May 1,  2013 it was drawn to my attention to look at a programme in the evening on one of the local television stations. I can’t recall which one. It was about the same topic in essence, the national I.D Card.

There were three persons on the panel again and they were talking about the multi-purpose I.D system. I could remember hearing one of them saying that the Voter’s Registration card is comparable and can be used as the national I.D. card. If today after further studies it is realised that it cannot be used that is good.
Although it is not good  in a sense because all these former I.D.’s from the Passport to the present was a form of conditioning to receive the mark of the beast.

Today knowing the nature of man they could also make the Voter’s I.D. card usable to suit their interest – making it yes The Mark of the Beast.  I believe that the Voter’s I.D. card and the national I.D card are one of the same and will work in tandem of each other.

The Bible says that the beast or Anti-Christ causes mankind to receive a mark in their hand or forehead and that no one could buy or sell except they have that mark. The long-time passport size picture or I.D. is the mark in the forehead and has been part of conditioning.

However never before was it required for every living human being to be finger printed – that was reserved for criminals and special cases. It’s the Mark of the Beast in the hand, Rev. 13.11.

It’s the first National I.D. card where the physical body has to make contact with the beast machine to receive a mark. All your information will go into the new world government database for use. All other forms of I.Ds that you have will become null and void and of no use to you when this I.D. card comes on full stream. A mark in your hand andforehead, picture and finger print.

They say part of the idea is to get rid of Identity theft and the criminal underworld. What about the criminal over world? It’s a pure case of the devil trying to get rid of the devil – a house divided against itself will not stand, utter confusion ahead.

However of paramount importance to me, is the biblical world view and the people who hold it like myself that see these things happening and know what the Bible says what we ought to do. We are not to take a mark of the beast or the national I.D Card.
There are serious consequences for us who don’t receive the I.D card even death, but that’s the Call FOR THE HOUR.

Just imagine being beheaded for not receiving a national I.D. card. In our world today we have mass murderers and killers of all sorts and kinds are being freed and given minimal time in “prison hotel” around the world for their atrocities. On the other hand for not receiving a national I.D. Card, you will he hunted down, prosecuted and beheaded.

I believe we had a small example of how swift and vicious this system will be with the dismissal of Ms. Judy Benoit as the head of the Electoral Office. It was around dealings to do with the new voters I.D. system that she lost her job. That is all part of the multi-purpose system if it is what I believe it is the mark of the beast then the time of human civilisation and existence is about to be change into a new dispensation, millennium and eternity and has apparently already changed.

It’s a horrible time for the people who received the mark of the beast but a glorious time for those of us who will not receive it. I would propose that the government save the people of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique by destroying this system and database, scrap the legislation that is passed or not pass the legislation at all. Allow the use of all other forms of I.D. the passport etc. save yourself and Grenadians.

There are judgment and wrath poured out upon the people and world who receive the mark of the beast, says Rev. Ch. 16+17 – read it. Chik-V, Ebola, bird flu, AIDS, homosexuality etc. all common today.

Could be part of the judgments and wrath of God poured out upon an anti-Christ world and that’s just the smoke. There is apparent mercy also for the people who receive the mark of the beast if they repent, Rev, 16,9,11.

Let us all repent if not Grenada has no future with all the economic plans and development that are about to come in the future. The new economy which is part of the beast system, is just going to be cutewords, wrapped with judgment.

The solution is repentance and a nation truly, truly turning to God or the result will be judgment. I am making an appeal to parents to stand up for your children and protect them. Do not allow your children to make the same mistake you might have made by taking the mark of the beast.

Government, please do the biblical thing, Grenadian do the biblical thing and repent and turn things around. Stop the beast in his track and the God of the bible will bless you all.


 Derick Sealey

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