Curse of the RMC

I sat and listened to Beyond the Headlines on Monday, December 8th with amazement, as two members of the Senate tried again to justify their traitorous and opportunistic behaviour to the Grenadian people.

Both Senators Peter David and Chester Humphrey cited the pronouncement of Dr. Keith Mitchell call for unity and reconciliation as the basis for them getting involved with the NNP-led administration. They found themselves now promoting what they call “Project Grenada.”

Let me first start by putting my ideas into a historical perspective. “The most destructive elements ever to grace the Grenadian political stage are the Coardites.”  The Coardites committed the single most inhumane atrocity against its own people in this part of the world in the last two hundred years.

Their greed for power led to the execution of the peoples’ choice leader in Grenada and killed the hopes and aspirations of a large section of the black population throughout the world.

Here is scenario one (1)

Maurice Bishop was killed because he did not roll over leadership and let Bernard Coard take Grenada further into the fold of the Kremlin. The executioners, those who pulled the trigger and those who supported Bernard Coard were condemned and put into political exile by the broad masses.

It was the NDC which commuted their sentence from death to life in Prison.  It was again the NDC which accepted in-block, the Coardites into their ranks in 2001-2002 in the name of reconciliation.

Let us not forget that Tillman Thomas, a member of the NDC, was jailed for three years; Broko another member whose scrotum was cut and peppered while he was tortured, ably assisted by a captain in the army.

NDC created the platform that allowed members of the Coard group to be first accepted by the Grenadian people in true reconciliation. Some won their seats and later on became members of the Government.  The Coardites acquired Ministerial positions and established links overseas for the first time because of the opportunities created by NDC. In true Coard style, they began plotting, acquiring funds and secured those funds separately for their own personal agenda.

Here is Scenario 2.

Tillman Thomas’s character was assassinated because he did not roll over leadership to Peter David when he, David, insisted that the Government join Alba.

Here are some similarities:

(a) Coard never founded, but joined the NJM.  Yet, he sought to oust the people’s leader.  Peter David joined the NDC and tried to overthrow Tillman.

(b) Every organisation the Coardites were involved with, got destroyed and torn down within four   years.  Here are some statistics!!!  Gairy 1976-1979, the Revolution 1979-1983, and NDC 2008- 2012.

(c) Both Bernard Coard and Peter David always acted on behalf of foreign powers, while preaching national development – Coard to the Kremlin and Peter to Venezuela.

(d) Both Bishop and Tillman were believers in national development and were in touch with the common folks. Bernard and Peter on the other hand surrounded themselves with some small but influential followers.

(e) Coard was able to get his OREL guys into the RMC, while Peter bailed out and gave monetary support to some NDC ministers.

(f) Coard used the base built by Bishop to consolidate himself and eventually got rid of Bishop. Peter used NDC’s base to procure international funding that was rightfully NDC’s, to eventually get rid of Tillman.

It should be observed that while Maurice Bishop was killed by the Coardites because of “revolutionary principle,” none of the Coardites died fighting the US to defend that “principle.” So if Project Grenada is not about tribal and colour politics, then why wear a green party T shirt, Peter David?

Just as Bishop was lined up and executed, Tillman Thomas and the NDC were maligned and attacked by this grouping.  Monies raised because of their position in NDC helped fund the NNP campaign to get rid of the same people that got them accepted in the first place.

The Coardites pattern is always the same – they never form their own political party, but join and then insist that they should be in charge. They do not advise their leaders, they dictate. Woe be on to any leader to say no to them.
And, just in case you are not clear, that is what “Project Grenada” is all about.


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