Blind emotional reaction

I write in response to the letter written by an Anonymous person who did not have the courage to pen his/her name to his/her letter. Instead of signing ‘Avid Reader’, he or she should have the courage to stand by their conviction and not be afraid to identify themself.

The letter was published in your Edition dated December 05 – 2014, in response to my publication printed the week before. The objective reality is whether, I was wrong or right in my comments, not whether it was done out of personal motivation.

The author took issue and made ‘puerile’ reference to the definition of “Cartel” or my status as a lawyer. If I was interested in money, I would not have returned to these shores Twenty (20) years ago. I assume the author to be a lawyer, because many young lawyers approached me, disclaiming any sentiments or association with the said letter.

Moreover, if you checked my record you will see that I have represented an average of eight to ten, “Indigent Offender”, free of cost in the Criminal Assizes, three (3) times per year for the last Twenty (20) years. This does not include the number of mothers who appear in the Family Court, No 1 Magistrate Court, every Third Wednesday in the month, nor the number of free advice I have given over the period.

Additionally, owing to the author’s blind emotional reaction, he did not understand the use of the word “Cartel”. Its context was defined. The writer perhaps, not being a student of English does not understand the meaning of “Theatrical or Poetic” Licences, or what is a Re-conveyance or acting for Three (3) parties opposite in interest in the same transaction – the vendor, purchaser and the mortgagee, the lending institution.

Ashley Bernadine

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