The Ministry of Health will be putting the 4 Nurses who work at the Airport at risk if a case of Ebola arrives in Grenada and if the nurses do not stand up for their protection.

The Ministry of Health is taking the easiest way out of protecting Grenadians by hoping that the other countries ban everyone they suspect of carrying the virus from getting on an Airplane and that way everyone could fold their arms and chill out.

I must admit that they are doing a lot of “TRAINING” because all it takes for the relevant personnel in the Ministry is to look at CNN and copy what’s on the News, write them down and then go and repeat them in a “TRAINING” session.

There is NO QUARANTINE ROOM anywhere in Grenada. There is NO PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) in the Airport.

Even though there is an Epidemiology Department in the Ministry, the Specialists in Infection Control are taking a back seat and putting the Regular Nurses in the Airport to be responsible for PROTECTING THE COUNTRY, which we know will never work.

So the Ministry of Health is putting the Nurses at the Airport in the frontline while the WHOLE OF GRENADA, CARRIACOU AND PETIT MARTINIQUE WILL BE AT RISK.

I am asking the News media when the Ministry of Health is having their press briefings, to ask them to show the people of Grenada the Quarantine Room and the Personal Protective Equipment together with the ISOLATION TEAM. Then and only then we all will be satisfied that something was done.


Concerned Citizen

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