Shame on the Senator!!!

Please permit me to address a recent issue, not with outbursts of anger but with the cries of a sorrowful heart. I have witnessed what I term a gross embarrassment, not only for our country but for the Christian Community.

I believe the recent level of disrespect displayed in the Senate by one of our Senators is appalling and warrants reprimand.

I missed the evening’s newscasts but happened to view a clipping of what transpired on a popular social network. Not so much surprising, but following were comments defending the actions of the Minister.

Some persons were of the view that the Minister is human and became overwhelmed with emotions.

I am in no position to lambaste an individual for falling short, as we all do from time to time. However, after being carried away by emotions, and engaging in inappropriate behaviour, one would think that a person with moral character would do the honorary thing, that is, to seek forgiveness. This was not done.

Others slighted the showdown branding it as normal, since it occurs in other countries across the world. I never imagined after witnessing this type of behaviour, one would try to justify it in this way. Crime occurs all over the world. Rape occurs all over the world. Children disrespect their parents all over the world.  Does that make crime, rape and disrespect for parents the right thing to do?

I hope this is not what we have come to believe. I pray also that we would never want to see a repeat of this kind of behaviour by anyone in the future of our Parliament.  As a people, we need to decide what to embrace and what to reject. We must let our conscience be our guide.

As children, my siblings and I have been taught primarily by our father, not tell each other “Shut up!” This has been so deeply rooted in me and still has an effect on me today. Not in social environments, nor in the midst of disagreements, however heated it may be will I ever utter to another, the words “Shut up!”

But here we see a person who should know better, without conviction, commanding another to shut up.  I therefore suggest to us, that this kind of behaviour is inappropriate for all settings. Disappointingly, it makes me wonder, what values we are passing on to the younger generation.

As a young person, of the same faith and belief as the Senator, I am totally ashamed. Senator, you have not only embarrassed persons of like belief, but you have brought shame to the name of the Most High God.

I pray that the Holy Spirit brings you conviction and that you apologise to the Nation for this high level of indecency. To the rest of us I say may God help us all.

Mesha V. R. Lazare

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