Open letter to Commissioner of Police


You need to do your own investigation into the performance of the Fire Department in last Saturday night’s fire in the Four Roads section of the city.

I live a few houses higher up the road and came out very early to assist in trying to put out the fire since Mrs. Antoine, one of the fire victims was very close to me and my family.

It took some time for the first fire truck to arrive on the scene. I really do not know why because the Fire Station is not so far away on the Carenage.

I know the driver of the truck that came onto the street. But what shocked me when some time later I saw the same driver come back again but this time driving another fire truck the big one that is always full of water.

When I inquired what was happening I was told that only one driver
was on duty for the night and he had to drive the two trucks to Four Roads. This is madness, Mr. Commissioner.

Imagine if there was another fire somewhere else in town the whole place would have burnt down because only one truck driver was on duty
for the night.

Where were the other truck drivers? Who was responsible for assigning the drivers for the different shifts? Who took the decision to put only one driver to work on a night shift?

I ask the question Mr. Commissioner because I do not have the answer and hope that you can provide the answer to me and the public.

Lord have mercy on us. Thank goodness it was not the hospital that was on fire because many lives would have been lost.

Mr. Commissioner, I am really upset because all them top boys in the force are only seen on radio and TV making grand appearances.

I did not see one of them on Four Roads. The only big man on the scene was an Officer who I understand is in charge at the airport.

Where was the fire chief in charge of the city? If he was on sick leave then he can be excused for not being on the job.

I did not see the ASP in charge of the Department any where around the fire on Four Roads. Who I saw was the MP for the Town, Mr. Steele and hats off to him. He was there with the people giving morale support.

The big boys could not be seen but the next day I heard one of them on radio, some Inspector giving another speech as if everything was under control. These boys can fool the Commissioner of Police but not me because I have been observing their behaviour over the months.

Imagine if there was a much bigger fire in town, the whole place would have been burnt down due to stupidity by those in charge of our Fire Station – one driver on the night shift for the town of St. George.

Mr. Commissioner, I also heard that the big Rescue Fire Truck that came down the Carenage to get onto Four Roads was impeded by the big fete that was taking place in the nightclub.

One of the firemen told me that vehicles were parked on both sides of the road by the night club and the truck had problems in passing through.

Well, sir, the Traffic Department is just a few yards up the street and should have been aware of the parking mess that was taking place around the night club.

Lastly, Mr. Commissioner, we need to see real Firefighters on the Carenage and not Imanis. The Imanis have their place but, please sir, do not put too much of them at the Fire Station.

Town Man

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