GFA needs to do better!!!

It is with great disappointment and frustration that I write, as a concerned citizen of Grenada being an ardent lover and supporter of football.

This article comes on the heels of the game that took place between Paradise FC International and Flow Sunsetters at Victoria Park, Grenville.

After hearing the sentiments and comments expressed by outraged spectators, during and after that game, this brings to the fore something that should be a major area of concern for the quality and level of football officiating that is practised in Grenada.

Any practice that involves malicious attacks, directed towards any team, player or official should be stamped out and not condoned.

I have witnessed many games played by the Paradise F.C International Football team over the years and can’t help but notice that there seems to be a relentless effort on the part of some officials and referees on the field of play to make ill-advised and dishonest decisions all in a quest to harm the reputation of the team and by extension, tarnish the image of the game.

People from all walks of life in Grenada, including the eastern communities of Grenville, Paradise and the surrounding areas love a good game of football but we also appreciate when it is played and managed honestly and fairly.

So far the players on the Paradise team have conducted themselves as best as they could on the field of play but history shows that the supporters have not been as forgiving. (Paradise vs Hard Rock 2013 played last year at Progress Park, game discontinued due to crowd invasion).

The Paradise Football team however, has been unfortunate to be on the receiving end of negative publicity, being unfairly blamed for causing disruptions on the field, when it has been actions incited by eager but angry spectators who expect a high level of fairness in refereeing on the field.

Instead the game of football continues to be sullied by biased and vindictive referees who have allowed their biasness to taint the game that we love. Whether it is done out of jealousy or spite, I cannot say. Not only is this a high form of victimisation but this vendetta displayed against teams, and against this team in particular, brings the game that we all love into disrepute.

I ask that Waggy-T be more selective in their choice of officials for any game that is played throughout the remainder of the 2014 Waggy-T Football Tournament.

The call therefore goes out to the Grenada Football Association to address this problem that pervades its body as I’m sure that there are other football teams in one way or another that can identify with the sentiments expressed here.

Officials from the G.F.A should be trained in exercising impartiality, objectivity and good judgment which would result in better decision-making on the field.

It really brings into question the low standard that those who represent G.F.A have set and their unwillingness or inability to carry out their responsibilities with due diligence and the high level of dignity for the game that should be incumbent upon them to uphold.

Dexter Bartholomew

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