FLOW giving back big to customers this Christmas

Staff members of FLOW  together with Santa

Staff members of FLOW together with Santa

This Christmas a total of 18 prizes ranging from Flat Screen TVs, I-pads and shopping sprees will be given away by telecommunications company, FLOW.

It’s part of the Wonderflow Christmas promotion aimed at giving back to customers for their support throughout the year.

The promotion was launched at the FLOW retail outlet in the heart of the city of St George’s.

According to FLOW Country Manager, Gail Purcell, the promotion will start with FLOW’s HBO Max promotion, which would give new customers who sign up for the package an opportunity to first get a savings on their monthly cost to the subscription package.

“Your package will be a special prize of only $21.50 for the first three months of your service and in that you get a great package with 11 movie channels for your viewing pleasure and over Christmas is a great opportunity when everybody sits down, watches a lot of television has friends and family over and spends a lot of quality time together and what better way than to use it to watch great movies – some of our old favourites, some of our new releases and our HBO and MAX package will allow you the opportunity to do that,” she said.

In addition, one lucky customer will get the opportunity to win a one-year subscription completely free of their FLOW HBO fixed package.

The company will also be giving their existing customers a chance to make a wish through its Christmas wish list.

Purcell said this is only for customers who keep their accounts in good standing.

“We know we have a lot of customers who pay their bills on time every single month and are completely loyal and we want to reward those customers and this is our opportunity because customers have children, it might be your niece, it might be your daughter, it might be your son, it might be your grand child but this is our opportunity to make a wish come true for your children in your life,” she remarked.

The Country Manager outlined the process to be followed to take part in the Christmas Wish List.

“What you need to do as an existing FLOW customer is pay your bill in full and on time, by the due date, and you can make a wish from our Wonderflow Christmas Wish List and our Wonderflow Christmas Wish List has a number of special prizes on it.

“…Once you pay your bill, you get an entry form and you enter it into the North Pole box and in the North Pole box you’ll get a chance to win an I-pod, I-pad mini, a bicycle for boy and a girl, a shopping voucher filled with Christmas goodies for children.

“In addition to that you will get a chance to win a Gaming Console for the children and all you need to do is come into the office, pay your bill, fill out the Entry Form and enter it into the box and make sure you keep your account in good standing, right up to the date of the draw.

Purcell disclosed that in order to win the Grand prizes, customers would have to sign up for FLOW Talk, FLOW Broadband or FLOW Video.

“All you need to do is sign up for FLOW Talk, our One Voice Telephone product and once you sign up for One Voice, you sign up for One Voice Plus or One Voice Optimum and we already know that that package is a great deal because you get free FLOW to FLOW calling across the region to Trinidad, to Barbados and right across Jamaica.

“…Once you sign up for that package, you get free installation this year and … you also get to go home with a free cordless phone to help your one voice product work,

“…Now if you sign up for Broadband, you get free installation, you get a chance to win one of the great prizes and you get the fastest Broadband available on the island with speed up to a 100 mega bits per second with our lowest package starting at 12 megabits. What a great value, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

Purcell also indicated that persons who sign up for FLOW Video will also get a chance to win the great prizes, as well as free installation and two months free service with any Video theme pack selected from among the packages on offer.

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