Chess – the game player!!!

Every time I think about Chester Humphrey these days, I remember my old pal in the GULP, Derek Knight.

Brother Chess and Derek have a lot in common. Derek did not believe in God – so too Chess. These two were atheists and enjoyed a rather close friendship.

Sir Eric once told me that Derek boasted to him that as the first well-known communist on the island, he introduced a few young fellahs including Bro. Chess to the communist doctrine.

Derek was a union leader in his days and Bro. Chess is the President-General of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU).

Derek was a longstanding Senator in Parliament – just like Chess is now the longest ever serving Senator in the history of our Parliament.

And you know Bro. Chess likes to boast of that feat every time he opens his mouth to speak these days. So Brothers Rae and Naz – please look out because Bro. Chess coming to manners both of you as part of Project Grenada.

How many of you know that Derek Knight wanted to run badly as a candidate for GULP but Uncle did not trust him and never put him up to contest elections.

Bro. Chess tried to get the NDC to put him up as a candidate in two elections- first for St. George Town in 2003 and then in St. George South-east in 2008.  At least the NDC guys were smart enough not to bother with Bro. Chess.

The workers of the country used to have respect for the Brother as a militant trade union leader but they were not prepared to go the extra mile with him whenever it came to politics.

But the most striking things about both Bro. Chess and the deceased Derek Knight is the path they both took to get into the mainstream of the political power play in the country.

Derek started off as a GNP back in those days. Sir Eric was beating the GNP folks any time elections was held so Derek got fed-up. Derek then used the phrase, “if you can’t beat him then join him”. So Derek decided to join Uncle in order to get a taste of the power. But Uncle was a real smart man. He never trusted Derek so he would only appoint him as a Senator to keep him in line. If Derek gave any trouble then all Sir Eric had to do was take away the Senatorial appointment and in effect the rug was pulled from under his feet.

If Sir Eric had run Derek as a candidate and the smart man lawyer won a seat then he could work from on the inside to undermine Sir Eric and make a bid for leadership. Gairy was only interested in Derek Knight’s legal brains and nothing more. So Derek was never ever allowed to run as a candidate for GULP.

Let’s fast forward to 2013/14. Bro. Chess is now fed-up that Papa is beating him every time at the polls. Licks in 1995, 1999, 2003 and again in 2013. So Brother Chess is now joining Papa in very much the same way Derek joined up with Uncle.

Papa is a smart man too. Even if he falls asleep on the job, he would still keep one eye open because he knows that a leopard cannot change the colour of its skin.
Uncle Tilly denied them old RMC boys their greatest desire of using him as a ladder to parachute into the Office of the Prime Minister.

Anytime the opportunity presents itself, these leopards will spring for it inside NNP.

Ah had a dream last night and Bro. Bishop tell me the curse of October 19, 1983 cannot be swept away and the folks will still make a play for power.

Remember that H.A. Blaize told us what goes around comes around. Bro. Chess used to boast after the 2003 election when Papa managed to hold onto power by one-seat that the boss man was holding onto power in Parliament with a piece of thread and that it could burst anytime.

The table has now turned around – Bro. Chess’s political career is now on a piece of thread and Papa is only holding the little piece of string.

If Papa gets up one morning and he feels something strange is happening around him and he ain’t trust what he hearing then it is time up for Bro. Chess and his front man, Pedro.

The mercenary journalist will only go with them if a couple thousands of dollars is pushed in his face on a regular basis. The NNP is feeding the mercenary right now and as long as things good, he would stay put. If NDC gets back in power tomorrow morning and the price is right, the mercenary will join them.

So let’s wait and see as the game continues to be played out with Bro. Chess. Ah have a feeling that some people might get a heart attack soon and go and join Derek wherever he is. Don’t forget that no atheist will be going to heaven. All of them going to hell and the house ain’t burning down with them inside it.

Papa already tell his supporters he knows what he is doing and don’t worry about him – he is in charge.

The Gate Keeper

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