Sambas was a founding NJM member

I recently read an article posted in your paper on October 16th, 2014 with the title: ‘Teddy Victor point fingers at Goat and Peter David’. You stated that Teddy Victor from Vincennes was a founding member of the left-leaning New Jewel Movement along with the likes of the late Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, executed Foreign Minister Unison Whiteman and former Attorney General, Lloyd Noel.

While this synopsis is true to a certain extent, on behalf of the late Rosman Sebastian Thomas I think you should get the facts correct in terms of who the founding members of the NJM were for the sake of the Grenadian people.

The main founding members of the New Jewel Movement were Teddy Victor, Unison Whiteman and Rosman Sebastian Thomas. Although, I was very young at the time I can vividly recall the constant meetings that were held at our property in Requin Junction, St. David’s where the conception of this movement evolved. This grassroot movement later merged with Maurice Bishop and Kenrick Radix (MAP) in March 1973. Although, my father totally withdrew himself from the movement because of the internal power struggles and the deviation from the initial purpose of the movement; he and his family were subjected to the same alienation, prosecution and brutality of Gairy’s Mongoose Gang that was imposed on Maurice Bishop, Kenrick Radix, Teddy Victor and Unison Whiteman etc.

He constantly hid for his life. Sometimes he went to Carriacou or stayed at various friends and family on the Island of Grenada. I can recall a situation when I was living in Requin Junction with my grandmother the late Ethelinia Thomas.

The Mongoose Gang then led by Innocent Belmar was in hot pursuit of Rosman Thomas AKA Sambas who was at the time in hiding. They came to the house looking for him but when they realised that they could not locate him they planted a weapon behind a painting in our living room then they proceeded to arrest my grandmother for possession of a concealed weapon, in an attempt to bring him out of hiding.

This strategy did work because they got his attention. As, we discussed that event and other situations prior to his death, he mentioned that on that day they violated his mother he went to the police station to rescue her and was prepared to die in the hands of the aggressors.

I profoundly believe that history is relevant in any society and without history we would be lost as a people. Journalism is a powerful medium that unfolds facts about current and past events.

As a son of Rosman Sebastian Thomas I think it is imperative that he gets the recognition that he deserve for his contributions and sacrifices whether considered significant or not.

So, in the future when references are made concerning the founding members of the NJM out of respect his name should be mentioned.

Each of the above mentioned individuals has suffered for their contributions and sacrifices for the people and country. No one cannot deny that the NJM agenda has not changed the landscape of Grenada’s history.

Sebastian Thomas

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