An open letter to MP Yolande Bain-Horsford

I write on behalf of the La Digue Community and specifically as member of the La Digue Sport and Development Organisation.

As you should be aware, La Digue has always been one of the most prominent villages in our country.  It has produced many outstanding citizens and personalities.  What has been most visible though, is its achievement in sports and culture.

However, in recent times social life in the community has degenerated, especially among the youth, due mainly to the absence of serious social organisations as we had in the past.

Presently though, there are two organisations whose mission is to return La Digue and the neighbouring villages to their glory days; namely the La Digue Progressive Development Organisation (mainly Youth) and the La Digue Sports and Development Organisation (mainly adults).

In order for these organisations to achieve their objectives, a meeting place is vitally important. These organisations have to meet at members’ homes or by the roadside while (someone) continue to deny them the use of the La Digue Community Centre by holding on to the keys as though the centre was willed to (that person).

Let me remind you that after years of struggle by the Shadows Youth Club and then the La Digue Colts Youth Club the centre was eventually built for the people of La Digue and the surrounding communities by the People’s Revolutionary Government.

As far as I know the centre falls under the Ministry of Works and not under the Ministry of Idleness, so in the first place the keys have no right to be in (that person’s) possession.

What I expect you to do as M.P.  for the area is to get the relevant Ministry to set up a management committee to run the centre. There are persons who are ready and willing to serve.

I trust that you as M.P would do what you swore to do and we over-pay you to do.

Elwyn C.J McQuilkin
Proud son of La Digue

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