The new destroyers

Grenada’s post-colonial landscape has been blighted by a particular group of recurring faces. These men, in their insatiable quest for power, are willing to and have committed heinous acts against the Grenadian people.

Is it by coincidence that one of them was linked with the assassination of Innocent Belmar?

How many of them aided the NJM  in the overthrow of Sir Eric Gairy, the arbitrary detention, torture and even murder of ordinary citizens and the massacre at Fort Rupert?

The people know who was picked up in the U.S in connection with the illegal shipment of arms and ammunition during the days of Sir Eric.

The individual likes to talk to the media but is not talking about one important thing – the method he used to flee the U.S while on bail in 1979 on charges related to the illegal shipment of arms and ammunition.

Was it accidental that some of these people  were part of the RMC that terrorised an entire country for six days in 1983?

Wasn’t it the same group that tried to hijack the NDC and is now seeking its destruction?

This gang of cowards, led by a once admired trade unionist and fronted by a smiling legal buffoon, is stuck in a time warp. These guys still harbour dreams of establishing a “workers’ paradise” in Grenada. To them, it is as if we are still in the militant days of the 1970s and 80s. They have assembled a disparate and desperate group of political vagrants and prostitutes, aided by a “Harmless” media mercenary, to realise their ambition of seizing state power.

Having been thwarted every step of the way, this group, which we will call The Chess Pete Destroyers (CPD), has been forced to play its final card. After their ignominious expulsion from the NDC, the CPDites were left with a few equally unsavoury political options.

The first of these was the formation of a new party. However, their history shows that they have no appetite for the hard work of building a party from scratch. Ask Sister Robbie. Option number two was to do like the proverbial dog and eat their vomit and the third choice was to retire gracefully from politics.

Unfortunately, although Grenadian politics can do without the CPD, it seems that the CPD can’t do without politics.

The CPD has found refuge in the House but this is a very tenuous arrangement. In spite of being officially admitted into the fold, the CPD continues to meet and function as a separate entity. Does anyone remember OREL? It will be extremely interesting to see what happens when the CPD begins to make some serious chess moves.

This marriage of convenience has as its major objective the establishment of a one-party state via the so-called “Project Grenada”.  To achieve that, it is necessary to destroy the NDC at all cost. To that end, a massive propaganda campaign was unleashed and continues unabated, against Nazim Burke. The CPD obviously believes in the policy of “decapitation”: damage Burke sufficiently and the NDC dies.

However, in spite of its vicious campaign of rumours, the CPD is failing miserably in its attempts to discredit Burke and destabilise the NDC. Under Burke’s leadership, the NDC has made an amazing recovery.

The recent actions around constitutional reform point to a high level of organisational and mobilisation skills within the party. As more Grenadians feel the economic pinch and recognise that they were duped by the NNP/CPD alliance, the stock of the NDC and its leader can only rise.

Innocent Grenadian

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