Sitting on a gold mine!!!

I wish to extend my congratulations to L.A.Burdick Chocolate Co.( USA) and the Grenada Cocoa Association on the FIRST shipment of real dark “Grenada Chocolate” known as “jouvay”: in patois it would be J’ouvert the dawn of a new day or the start of Grenadian carnival.

But to me it is the launch  of a serious  commercial  Grenadian Chocolate Business that can mean Millions of Dollars and foreign exchange to us..

We,  Grenada  cocoa farmers, can now expect  to surpass the”  Grenada nutmeg” industry . You see GRENADA COCOA is UNIQUE  and I do not think the  “Cocoa Board” know what they are sitting on and the potential for growth and the future of Grenada.

YOU  see the Grenada Chocolate plant  at Diamond, St. Mark’s is one of the best in the world; IT IS A Sleeping  Giant and this  First Shipment  is for L.A Burdick but it is for the  world such as LindT an Spruingly and for Cadbury and for Mars, etc,.

It is for my friend in Switzerland  who want to establish a chocolate bar and restaurant with Grenada Chocolate  being the flagship.

It is for us  to come up with a name for the Plant. It is for us coming up with a BRAND  name for our  dark Grenada  chocolate – the Couverture, the semi processed Bulk Chocolate with and without too many spices and sugar.

It is for the plant to produce Grenada Cocoa Fat in bulk sizes so when  I asked for a quotation for some 10 or so pounds  I can get an answer. It is for when I want to make Cocoa Butter Cream the plant may be able to supply same and I no longer have to get cocoa butter from New York, Toronto or Trinidad.

It is for the plant to produce Grenada Cocoa powder  in bulk so that we can supply cocoa powder for making cocoa tea and “CC Mel “  and to be able to compete with Roma, Frys, Milo, etc.

I know several persons in Grenada  that have approached me for  the scientific  technology. I could see at least three medium operations springing up.

I am  willing to help, but the plant at Diamond must operate as  a business and set up the structure to make MONEY ($). I await their response.

Dr. E.Reginald Buckmire

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