Hero’s Day!!!

I write in response to Arley Gill’s call for a hero’s day.

Of course we need a Hero’s Day. Let’s get rid of Whit Monday which has no meaning for Grenadians. (Church leaders, just shut up.). to make space for Hero’s Day.

But not for the sort of “heroes” that leftist Arley Gill has in mind.

By the way, ask him what he is doing in Dominica, while writing about his homeland, Grenada. Does the fact that the government of Dominica is extremely leftist have anything to do with it?  How come he is already a Magistrate in Dominica when in Grenada he was so low down in the legal world?

We have a very real hero in Grenada who is being completely ignored and forgotten, Alister Hughes. He defied not only the wicked regime of Gairy, and got beaten up for it, but he defied the even worse evil of the Bishop regime, and got imprisoned for it, until the Americans released him.

That is what we have Thanksgiving Day for, for the liberation by US
forces from the evil Marxist regime of Maurice Bishop! We are not copying the Thanksgiving Day of Americans, which is purely a harvest festival of their own.

Gregory Thomas

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