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My name is Kim Jean creator and host of an internet weekly show called inpractopia – People. Places. Things Caribbean. It is for people everywhere who love and want to know more than the usual about our beloved countries.

“I feel that I have a big debt to the Caribbean, and if I can help one youngster achieve more than I have achieved by helping that youngster in the way others have helped me, then I would feel my life was actually worthwhile.” Dr. Cardinal Warde, Barbadian, Scientist, Professor MIT, Founder Caribbean Science Foundation – on inpractopia with Kim Jean.

The Caribbean is today more attractive to the rest of the world for many reasons: first class tourist destinations offerings, outstanding contribution in the field of sport, music and film industries. Many of our people are making valuable contributions in the field of science and research, and of course the region’s very lucrative investment opportunities.

As a West Indian I feel this is good, the more ways we can impact the world at large positively, should be saluted. But I also wonder how the ordinary man, woman and child is affected by these strides. More importantly how our people and those who work to make an impression in the region, are directly or indirectly contributing to the human, social and community growth in the region.

I wonder how we can help ourselves, if we heard ourselves. People in and out of the Caribbean are, probably at the right time peaking to do just that. The passion to do more and know more, how to exact change, is encouraging to me.

It is a driving force behind inpractopia. The show serves as a platform for our people and those who love our region to share their stories, ideas and best practices to grow our communities. It’s people practicing their passion, their inpractopia with the Caribbean in mind. It offers information and tips on all things Caribbean, but primarily the voices of people who are doing, with their talent, and giving back in a positive way.

***the mission of inpractopia is to: spotlight people and issues that are part of daily life; of which will inform, empower, engage and awaken the consciousness towards personal and community growth.

In our young existence (5 weeks, and hundreds of downloads) inpractopia has welcomed people in and out of the region including Nina Compton (finalist on Season 11 of Top Chef), Dr. Cardinal Warde (scientist and lecturer at MIT), and Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh (historian and lecturer at UWI, Trinidad). We will feature more recognized and not so recognized names, people who are influencing lives of our people or working to promote the social wellbeing of the islands.

Inpractopia (in-practice-utopia) can be heard on, iTunes and Stitcher Radio. The show can be followed on twitter (@inpractopia) and Facebook ( Feedback at:

I want your readers to know that this show is for them. A place solely committed to the human and social aspects of Caribbean life. A place to make conversation and add to it. I welcome you give it a try.

I was born Saint Lucia, and reside in Chicago, IL. Read more about me and the show at:

Kim Jean

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