Preparedness for Ebola

This letter is not intended to create any panic about the Ebola disease now killing people in Sierra Leone and Liberia in particular.

It is just that we here in Grenada have to be more vigilant and take steps to ensure that Ebola does not enter our shores.

I was in Grenville Town when I overheard a conversation a man was having with a vendor about a family member who came in a few days ago from the U.S.

The man said that this family person told him that she came from Texas, landed in Miami and then took a flight to her homeland Grenada.

The plane took her to the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), she then did her thing with the Immigration and then onto Customs to get her luggage checked before walking out of the building and being picked up by a car that was waiting to take her up to the country.

No one asked the woman which part of the U.S she came from – much less if it was the same city that the Ebola patient was living before he died last week.

To me, the Immigration man who dealt with her was only interested in the fact that she was coming from the U.S. No one asked which part of the U.S because if the question was asked by the Immigration and the lady said Texas then someone’s eyebrow would have raised even higher.

It is quite possible that the woman never came near to the Ebola victim in Texas or anyone who is now a person of interest to health officials in Texas.

But the point I am making is that our health officials are only talking about doing this and doing that to make sure that Ebola does not come into Grenada.

For all you know, Ebola is already right here in Grenada. That woman might not have been the only person from Texas or to be precise Dallas who walked freely through MBIA without anyone checking her out.

The simple fact is here is a situation in which a woman left her home in Texas, the only State in the United States with an Ebola victim and no one asked the woman a thing at our airport.

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Keith and Madam Minister of Health, Dr. Modeste, we have to get more serious in this place. Let’s not just talk about being prepared but show us how prepared you really are to prevent this Ebola thing from coming into our shores.

I was a member of the Revolution and back then we were always vigilant against anything coming into our country.

True Nationalist

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