Co-operate in the name of ‘Project Grenada’

I hope that you would publish this letter since it touches on the hypocrisy of the typical Grenadian man.

A few nights ago, I was listening to one of the media houses that was playing a clip in their newscast from the Minister from St. David’s,Oliver Joseph.

Whoever is upset with me for what I am about to say is their business. Let me say from the onset that I am not taking any issue with the statement that was made by Mr. Joseph.

However, the minister said at one of these post-Cabinet press briefings that government would increase the bus fare allowances for the nation’s school children going to secondary schools and TAMCC in the 2015 budget.

That is good news for the children and their parents because some of them are badly affected by the decision of NNP to stop the free school books programme.

The same parents who voted out the NDC government that gave them free school books turned to begging their neighbours and other persons in the community to lend them money to buy school books for their kids to go to school.

The same people voted out a government that gave them free school books for a government that stopped the free school books programme. Isn’t that laughable!!

Anyhow, the Hon. Joseph told the reporters that government discovered that a number of students were not going to school because of the amount of monies they had to find to pay bus fares especially those who were living in the country areas.

The government was cognizant of the situation and was left with no choice but to come to the assistance of these needy students.

As the minister spoke on the issue, I couldn’t but help remember one Chester Humphrey who during the days of the NDC was all over the place shouting at Tillman Thomas and Nazim Burke to bring in school buses for the nation’s school children.

Where is Bro. Chester these days? Why is he so silent on the school bus issue under NNP? Bro. Chess, I am sure that you heard the Minister say that children are not going to school because their parents cannot come up with the money to pay the high bus fares every day from Sauteurs to St. George’s.

Brother Chess, please continue pushing for the government to buy a few school buses to solve the problem of high bus fares. Bro. Chess, you have my full support on the free school bus for the nation’s children.

Please, sir, do not lead me to believe that Project Grenada is all about giving support to NNP on everything as long as Dr. Mitchell continues to harbour the expelled Rebels and give them some kind of political shelter.

In the past I had a lot of respect and admiration for Bro. Chess but his behaviour in recent months – especially the last 19 months under NNP has changed my views about him.

The last NDC government talked about retrenchment at Gravel & Concrete and Bro. Chess was up in arms against Finance Minister Nazim Burke. Everything for him and the Rebels was that Nazim was bad and Peter was the good one.

Bro. Tilly and them were so afraid of Bro. Chess and his threats to close down the country that they backed away from the Gravel & Concrete issue.

Under “Project Grenada” and the new found love with NNP, Chess is so quiet and giving total co-operation with his new bosses in almost everything that they do.

The man in Works, Gregory Bowen visited Gravel & Concrete and Postal Corporation and informed the workers that retrenchment is a must because these statutory bodies are losing money.

Not one word from Comrade Boom Chess. Isn’t this the same man who during the Breweries strike was so militant that he threw himself down on the ground in front of the truck and blocked its path?

How come Bro. Chess has locked down his mouth under NNP? May be it is the Doc who locked it down. Word on the ground is that the Doc helped him out back into the 1970’s when he ran into a problem in the thing that was shipped out to overthrow the Gairy government.

In the past, Bro. Chess used to lock down work places and get workers so often to strike at will in order to push his agenda.

His “Project Grenada” is now in full swing but Dr. Keith has Bro.Chess, Peter and Joe under heavy, heavy manners.

The Doc is not like Uncle Tilly. Anyone giving trouble he would expel them from the party and government up front – not wait like what NDC do and expel them after the Rebels already did the damage.

The NNP is the only house that is now available to Bro. Chess and his political school children like Peter David and Joe Gilbert.

If Bro. Keitho throw them out then that’s the end of the road for them politically. Sister Glynis and NUF cannot take them to the promised land.

So, please do not expect Bro. Chess to make any noise against NNP on retrenchment and free school bus because the name of the game is now “Project Grenada” in the interest of Bro.Chess.

Former Chess Admirer

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