Adrian Hayes quits committee

Mr. Brian Pivott
Interim Management Committee
St. Paul’s Community Centre
St. George

17th September, 2014

Dear Colleague,

It is with much regret that I hereby tender my resignation as Chairman of the Interim Management Committee of the St. Paul’s Community Centre, effective today, 17th September, 2014.

This is as a result of my having only lately read the newspaper article “Who owns the St. Paul’s Community Centre” published in the New Today of 18th July, 2014.

As you would recall, when we accepted the charge given to the Interim Committee on 24th July, 2013 to manage the operations of the Centre, it was our intention to do so primarily in the interest of, and for the benefits of the residents within the community as well as the general public.

Unfortunately, however, in spite of our efforts in that regard, the writer of the article, in his reference to the Interim Committee and my involvement particularly, paints a picture that is totally contrary to the Committee’s actions, and creates a perception that is grossly unfair and blatantly dishonest, should the truth be told.

It is said that sometimes people are wrong because they choose to be wrong. In such instances, they are either reckless or uncaring as to the truth, mostly because they are driven by improper motives. In other cases, they are wrong because they believe, without seeking to ascertain the facts, that what they hear is true. Those three statements profoundly typify the writer of the article.

Consequently, I have no choice but to step aside as I do not wish to be further embroiled in any issue regarding the operations and management of the St. Paul’s Community Centre. Nonetheless, as an individual member of the community, I maintain my interest in it being used for the purposes envisioned by its original architects and in the best interest of all its stakeholders.

I therefore seize this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the other colleagues/members of the Committee for your co-operation, support and camaraderie in our efforts during the last year, and to wish you every success eventually.

Adrian C. A. Hayes

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