Lime is not fair!!!

Grant me your listening ear on an issue that is kept quiet by one of our local telecommunications company. I have tired contacting their local office but to this day no one has responded to my plight. So I am writing to you hoping you can obtain the answers to my questions and educate me and the Grenadian public.

I usually purchase credit weekly from local shops and have enough credit to last me the weekend. However, for the past couple of weeks that has not been the case as my credit now finishes in no time.

I am a LIME customer and have just realised that I am no longer being charged 40 cents for making Lime calls. I have tried calling Lime Customer Care but have been given no explanation; the agent takes my number with the promise to call back but never does.

For a while I thought I had gone through a time portal and missed the end of the promotion but their billboards are still communicating 40 cents one rate, they’re all over Grenada saying 40 cents one rate.

So why is it that I am now paying out of ears a rate that is much higher than 40 cents and no communication has been received by the public from LIME or NTRC.

I don’t understand why Lime thinks they can deceive and trick us Grenadians that way.
They’re advertising one rate – 40 cents and charging higher without telling people. Last week I was charged 49 cents. Yesterday I asked my wife to check her balance and make a call and she was charged 50 cents. What is this, what is going on and who can tell us the truth about the rates?

Certainly it doesn’t seem like Lime is interested in telling its customers the truth, they just like tricking us and taking our money.

Mr. Editor, can you help? NTRC, can you help? Somebody needs to let Grenadians know that Lime rates are now higher and tell them put those billboards down and tell us the real rates they’re charging.

My family and I will put our Lime phones aside as we cannot afford to be tricked into paying higher rates.

I ask you and your good offices to inquire on our behalf and let us know please.

Thanks for your kind cooperation.

Worried Citizen

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