We could dominate Carnival

The community of St Paul’s could dominate our Carnival competitions more only when we bury all of our egocentric and sinister motives and put all that energy into making our community the number one once more.

Based on the results of Spicemas 2014, which ended on August 12, 2014, I have no doubt that if we can fill all the categories on offer in the various Spicemas competitions then many more trophies and titles will be heading up White Gun.

However, we need to establish the various and necessary protocols that will allow us to do so. For example, we need the persons who have that talent so we can harness them for the future in the areas we did not participated in during our last carnival, namely, junior king of carnival, junior soca monarch, groovy and soca monarchs competitions.

We just did not have any finalists in those competitions for Spicemas 2014. Our best bet was in the Groovy Monarch through the Immortal Chain from La Borie but his performance fell very short of expectation on an important night with big monster hit song, WD40.

The other categories are intact, but we need to continue developing and expanding on them to put us on the right track to regain the top spot as a major cultural community in our country.

It is said that we are so much on a path of backbiting, backstabbing, and wishing people bad. We do not seem to remember that when you are heralding people’s death what you are doing is really heralding your own.

However, I will like to see more people come forward to learn how the mas is being produced at the mas camp of Commancheros and Associates if there is to be continuity especially those young males who are not doing anything with their free time around this time of the year.

I think that the school that is located in very close proximity to the mas camp should encourage their students to do so.

At this stage, I will like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners of Spicemas 2014, especially the winners of the senor panorama title – Lime Commancheros and Coyaba New Dimensions steel orchestras.

It is the first time that joint panorama champions were declared in one of the true rivalries of our Spicemas. That reminded me of the 1983 Central Committee proposal for Joint Leadership between Comrades Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard – because you could only have one winner or one leader.

However, I must make special mention to King Ajamu for making a successful return to calypso competition by capturing the crown eight times after an absence of fourteen years. I personally sent my congratulations to you for being the first artiste to do so.

It was exactly 20 years ago when GRENTEL Commancheros won their first national panorama championship, when the band played a Flying Turkey composition, Cheros Express, which was arranged by Cecil Noel and got the judges’ approval by one point from its closet rival.

Since then they went back to back in 2006 and 2007, which was their 40th anniversary. This year, 2014, they found themselves as joint winners with the Coyaba New Dimensions.

The Steel Band from our capital is the first steel orchestra in our country to win our national panorama three times in succession, thus creating history.

Congratulations to you Mr. David Peck Edwards, the management, players and supporters of Coyaba New Dimensions on your historic achievement.

In the case of Lime Commancheros, playing a Black Wizard hit from the past, Soca Feeling rekindled the rapture of the past years. That victory is for the people of faith in the face of adversity and I know that the detractors do not like that.

Congratulations are in order to Mr. Andre Greenidge and your very young troops for a job well done. In addition, that victory is the third for you Mr. Greenidge as the arranger for LIME Commancheros.

I personally congratulate you and the very hard working manager Mr. O’Brian Robinson for believing in our young people and their talents.

However, we have to combine the discipline of our generation and the abilities of our very young troops. In addition, we have to re-engage our community and former players to participate once more because when that is achieved, we will become bigger, better and unbeatable.

I hope that next year you and your troops will be ready to defend your title as you did before, but that will be a tall order since Republic Bank Angel Harps will be celebrating their 50th anniversary and will be looking for something to crown it off.

In that respect, I know that Mr. James Clarkson will dig deep and one can expect he and his players will be coming with all guns blazing to bring back glory to the Carenage and Tanteen.

Additionally, it is my view that the management team of Lime Commancheros in both Grenada and New York should put their 50th anniversary celebrations committee in place now for our own 50th anniversary celebrations, which will be in 2017.

I will like to see merchandising of LIME Commancheros through the making of 50th anniversary T-shirts and Polo shirts, caps, schoolbags, pens, exercise books, and handbags for women among other things.

This year, 2014, to me was one of the successful and domineering years in recent memory for both LIME Commancheros and Commancheros and Associates Carnival Committee.

Please allow me to recount our achievements, starting with the Bomb Tune Competition in May when LIME Commancheros steel orchestra placed 3rd and also our juniors came 3rd in Junior Panorama in the Children Carnival Frolic.

It was also another dominant performance by the defending junior carnival Queen of the Band, Britney Bowen, who fluttered away with the title for the fifth consecutive year at our CCF portraying Monarch Butterfly.

Additionally, our junior fancy band came in second position for the second year running after dominating that category for many years.

(To be contined)

Brian Lindsay-Campbell

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