Nazim Burke hits a home run

In a televised national address Nazim Burke articulated the position of the NDC so that any ordinary man or woman can understand. He left absolutely no doubt in the minds of the people of Grenada the position of himself and the NDC.

The six additional items that he mentioned that must be included for his party to support any referendum on constitutional reform is extremely important in fostering and strengthening democracy in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Which of these would further strengthen Grenada’s democracy , adding the letter ‘E’ in the word Petit to Petite, or having term limits for the office of the Prime Minister? Changing from the Chief of Police to the Commissioner of Police or having enshrined in the Constitution a fixed date for elections or legislation to ensure that Grenada has a Leader of the Opposition at all times?

Which of these issues make more sense as Grenada prepares to take its rightful place in the United Nations and other world democratic institutions?

It is those extreme leftist elements like Chester Humphrey and those fascist anti- democratic elements within the NNP who want to make Grenada a one party state that are galloping against the recommendations of Hon Nazim Burke. Their conspiracy has suffered a severe blow.

Dr Francis Alexis should do everything within his power to maintain his integrity and the integrity of his committee. He is constrained by the fact that the committee members were selected by the NNP; however, he should not allow himself to be bought, coerced or manipulated.

It is rather ridiculous, ill-advised and impractical to approve an item to bring before the people in a referendum that only eight out of the fourteen members of the advisory committee voted on. This is less than the 67% needed to ensure that the national referendum is successful.

If within themselves the members of the committee can’t agree overwhelmingly on an issue then such an issue shouldn’t be revisited. This, however, may be deliberate. Constitutional review requiring 67% of the total votes cast has never been successful in the Caribbean and it is difficult to see how this one will be successful under the present construct.

Constitutional reform is a serious matter, and it makes sense that if the country is to have a referendum for such an expensive exercise it should entail all the issues seen as salient and fundamental in promoting democracy. The views of all stakeholders must be taken into consideration.

Chester Humphrey, the President General of TAWU, is out of his mind, out of place and frankly disrespectful to call the Political Leader of the NDC dishonest. Humphrey is one of the most twisted minds in Grenada and probably the entire OECS. It is time for these ‘political pimps and prostitutes’ to keep calm and await their fate. Not all Grenadians are fools.

The question the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique must ask themselves is how is it a union leader can attack the Political Leader of the main opposition party that received over 40% of the votes in the last general elections on the issue of constitutional reform?

What legitimacy does Chester Humphrey have in this discourse? On whose behalf is he speaking? The rank and file leaders of the Technical Allied and Workers Union (TAWU) should vote Chester Humphrey out as their leader in the next conference.

Humphrey is suffering from ‘NNPitis’; the mental disorder that Black Wizard sang about.

The position of Nazim Burke and the NDC is clear and consistent with the party’s philosophy of accountability, transparency and good governance.

Keith Mitchell and the NNP have violated the constitution of Grenada too many times within the past eighteen months to allow them to have their way in deciding what the people of the tri-island state should vote on without any meaningful and substantial input from the opposition.

The NDC despite not having a seat in parliament received over 40% of the popular vote with over 11,000 persons refusing to cast a vote. It is in this context that the views of the political leader and party are extremely important and must be taken into consideration.

For any referendum to succeed 67% of the electorate must vote in the affirmative. In other words, the support of any opposition is vital.

The ploy by Hamlet Mark and Chester Humphrey to show that there is disagreement between former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Political Leader Nazim Burke is a conspiracy to create division within the organisation.

Tillman Thomas strongly supports the issue of term limits for the Prime Minister and fixed election cycles . In fact, he championed that cause and so Hon Burke and the NDC are just echoing what Tillman Thomas stands for.

The entire NDC national executive is united and in support of the position of the political leader and the party.

Frankly, the NNP’s main priority is on only one of the twelve approved items, which is Grenada becoming a republic. The NNP election slogan ‘seek ye the kingdom of Keith Mitchell’ written in green and white along the main road speaks for itself.

The issue of Grenada joining the CCJ is just a ‘smoke screen’ to divert attention to the real intent of the extreme leftist elements and fascist dictators in the NNP, which is the creation of a one party state.

In conclusion, Senator Nazim Burke did what thousands of Grenadians want him to do, that is stand up for their rights and privileges. He spoke for the voiceless and marginalised. Chester Humphrey doesn’t have a monopoly on what happens in his own backyard much less in Grenada.

Without genuine national debate and consensus, constitutional reform is only a mockery. Chester Humphrey can fantasise on holding the Speaker’s gravel in the new republic but the fact of the matter is the people have the power of the ‘NO’ vote.

The attitude of Chester Humphrey gives the people more reasons why they should support the position of Nazim Burke and the NDC. Chester Humphrey went insane after listening to the speech by the political leader of the National Democratic Congress, Hon Nazim Burke.

The hatred displayed by the union leader is mind boggling. The venom he regurgitated is sufficient to poison the entire state, pure tribalism.

Forward on our feet, and not on our knees, no to Chester Humphrey’s one party state.

Grenadian Class

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