Children eating garbage

I saw something that really disturbed me while I was driving through a side road in Lance Aux Epines.

I was taking my time because the road was not very good. As I drove, I noticed two children, a girl about 11 years and a boy about 7 or 8.  As I passed they said to me, ‘’Sir, do you want any skin-up to buy?’’

I said, “No, I have a lot!” and was on my way. However, I began to wrestle within myself, why didn’t I give them some money as I would normally. During that time I looked into my side mirror and could not believe what I saw, in a baffled state I looked into my rearview mirror to confirm.

To my utter amazement and disgust I saw these two children rummaging through two barrel-made garbage bins. I began to reverse, upon them and noticing this, they immediately stopped and acted as though they were just selling.

I asked them – why were they digging the bins? The girl was the mouthpiece and said to me word to the effect that she had lost something.

I said, “Please tell me the truth”. Eventually she said that she had lost something. I said, ‘’In both bins!’’ She said that she lost something, but she didn’t know what the boy was looking for.

I said again, “Please tell me the truth, I may be able to help.” She replied with the words, “No one can help us and my mother does not want me to speak about it.” I asked, “Why are you selling skin-up.” She said, in order to get things for school. I asked, “Where do you live.” She replied, Grand Anse Valley.

Out of a broken heart I gave them some money and left – immediately they took their belongings and started walking. I know that there is child abuse in Grenada in various forms but to also see children in their right minds rummaging through garbage bins is unbelievable.

My God, it was one of the most disturbing, degrading, disgusting sights to behold. To make matters worse, I contacted two media houses with this story, and both of them promised to call me back. Up to this time I have not heard from any of them.

I suppose it was not important or exciting enough for their viewing audience. For this to exist in Grenada of all places says a lot about the kind of people we are or have become.

This thing with the children did not start recently – it started with selfishness especially in the social, political and religious community years ago.

Concerned Father

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