An unpopular victory

Dimanche Gras has come and gone. The dust has settled. What will take some time to go away though is the perception that there was a political conspiracy to bring Ajamu back and give him the crown. This perception has been fuelled by the apparent boo boo which the judges made while awarding the title to Ajamu by the largest points margin in recent history.

If kaiso was football and the judges were referees, FIFA would have banned them for life and sent them home immediately.

In the calypso tent in Deluxe Cinema,  Calypsonian Beast “buss”. Buss in calypso nowadays means that the calypsonian forgot some of his lines. Beast was going well and when he reached the last verse of the first rendition he stumbled over about three lines; so Beast “buss. He returned in the second song and gave a flawless performance which went down well with the audience. Beast got left in the tent.  Beast revealed that he received very low scores from the judges for his first song.  So, precedence was set.

At the Children’s Carnival Frolic, in the calypso section, there was a little lady by the name of Joliba, who did a tune about the way that the young boys were getting themselves in trouble with the law and ending up in Richmond Hill. TAMCC move to Richmond Hill is how she put it. It was a well put together little composition and most of the patrons were rooting for that kid to place in the top three.

In her third verse, close to the end she forgot some lines; she “buss”. Even though the story was already told and she should have done enough to place in the first five at least, the judges placed her last. So the precedence continues.

Nashanda from Carriacou, in the semifinals of the calypso competition in Grenville also “buss” and though she had a good first round and was going nice up to the point where she forgot a verse, she was given the axe. The same precedence was applied.

In the Groovy semi-finals, the WD 40 man, Chain, fumbled several lines while performing the biggest groovy song of the year and even though patrons felt that they should have squeezed him in because the song was so big, Chain got left in Carnival City. The same precedence endures.

Then in the Groovy finals Blaka Dan also felt the weight of the judges’ intolerance to such mistakes. After performing the entire song, Blaka attempted a little picong. Actually, he never really got going so one can only assume that this was what he was attempting.

Blaka placed last in competition.

Clearly the judges treated it as a “buss” and they punished Blaka for it. The precedence was applied yet again two nights before Dimanche Gras.

So it was shocking that on Dimanche Gras night, the precedence was suddenly stopped.  Ajamu “buss” several times in both songs. Besides those obvious “buss” he sang over many lines. In the fourth verse of the first song he missed a line; in other words he “buss”. Then he sang over two lines that he had already sung in the second verse about fixing this calypso romance. Later in the verse when he got to tell sweet voice Randy and Smallies to take their talent and go to France, again he ate some words; he “buss again.

As if that was not enough, in the second song the Kingman did worse.

He messed up twelve lines in the first verse. After he got to the point where he said it seems as doh they fraid me calypso, all things went hay wire. He missed a line then muttered something incoherently in the next line; he “buss” again. Then he sang two lines from the second verse. He then missed the fifth and sixth lines; another “buss” and again bolted back into the second verse for the next two lines. He will repeat those lines in verse two. The eight lines that he clean forgot while “bussing” and repeating were.

From the time ah say ah coming back

Dem fellas get on the attack

Scandalizing me name

Trying to make me shame

Even the clumsy school teacher

running up he ratata

Creating embarrassment

Saying ah kick him out the tent.

Then for the next four lines he bolted into the last four lines of the

last verse which says

But what they doh want people know

What making them mad

If them fellas come by me

They go get too bad.

He will repeat those four lines again in his last verse. Note also that those four lines had absolutely nothing to do with the story as it was been told in the first verse.  The line that followed those four lines, again he ate half of the words; yet another “buss”. So all in all in the first verse he sang piece of the first verse, piece of the second verse and piece of the third. He missed four lines in the process and ate words in two more.

These mistakes were very obvious and based on the precedence that was set throughout the season; Ajamu should have placed last or near last.

Instead he won the crown by thirty eight points; thirty eight points.

So when people say that this Dimanche Gras result was arranged, who could blame them.

On a night when there were no major hiccups, the only calypsonian who made mistake after mistake won the crown by so many points.  What they do not understand is that they have done a great disservice to the Kingman.  This is a victory that deep down inside he could never enjoy because no one knows better than him, just how wretched he was in his delivery at Dimanche Gras.

Upon reflection, he will know that he did not deserve to win much less by such a large gap. Even if he was not aware that there was a conspiracy to crown him, the margin of victory after a night of major blunders must have him thinking that this thing was orchestrated.

On top of that, this is an unpopular victory for obvious reasons and can only tarnish the legacy of the Great man.

Kaiso Lover

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