Open Letter to Commissioner of Police

Mr. Winston James
Commissioner of Police
Royal Grenada Police Force
St George


The Noise Control Act (2006) came into effect on September 1, 2006. The purpose of the act is to address the problem being faced by residents about the level of noise emanating from nearby houses or night clubs particularly at nights. The Royal Grenada Police Force is responsible to ensure that the laws of the state are obeyed.

Over the past few months Superintendent (name withheld) has been granting permission (weekly) to the owners of Club Addiction in Snell Hall and the Carib Shop in Madeys junction to break the Noise Control Act. Added to this the permission gave a stipulated time when the parties should end but the officers of the Sauteurs Police Station have not been ensuring that the laws are obeyed.

It is now 6:00 and there is loud noise from Club Addiction. This is not good public relations for the R.G.P.F. These persons are so inconsiderate that the music starts at approximately 5:00 PM and goes on until 5:00 AM in the morning making it very difficult for residents to sleep.

I wish to remind you that in January 2010, the Royal Grenada Police Force denied granting permission to Roger Lewis to have a religious concert in St George’s from midnight to 5:A M because the Noise Control Act forbids the use of loud speaker in residential area. I am sure that residential area refers to anywhere in the country where people resides and is not speaking specifically to St George’s.

Besides this, when the law was introduced to the public Mr. Worme- Chief Public Health Officer, Ministry of Health stated that apart from the public nuisance there are concerns about the occupational Health aspect of noise and the kind of effect and impact that noise can have on human beings since research indicates that exposure to noise level higher than 90 decibels for an hour or more can result in hearing loss.

Over the past months the noise levels have been way above 90 decibels for approximately twelve hours affecting the residents particularly in the communities of Snell Hall, Madeys, Ceders, La Mode, La Fortune.

Since it was the carnival season the residents have been very lenient but now that the carnival is over we expect that you as Commissioner of the R.G.P.F will instruct Supt. (name withheld) to decease from granting permission to the owners of Club Addiction or the Carib Shop to break the Noise Control Act.

Should the R.G.P.F continue to grant permission the residents reserves the right to take legal action.


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