The logic escapes me

The NNP  Cabinet – in its wisdom – has decided to hold back the payment of Back-Pay to Government Pensioners, while paying “active Civil Servants” – the entire sum of monies due to them.

Is it a matter of disdain, for those who have toiled in the past?  OR – has the Cabinet come to the conclusion that Pensioners do not need their money, but Civil Servants do? Or Is it due to the fact that Pensioners have no recourse to taking strike action, in defiance, but active civil servants CAN?

Have they  pushed us aside – into a corner – because we can’t and won’t make noise, make a ruckus, demonstrate and bring our plight to the notice of others?

We are told it will be paid in the future. When? After we have died? (THUS – they won’t have to pay us – at all?)

A. Pensioner

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