Open Letter to Commissioner of Police

Mr. Winston James
Royal Grenada Police Force
St Georges


The residents of Snell Hall, Morne Fendue and Madeys are seeking your assistance to resolve an issue which is affecting the health of the residents and the security of the community.

Recently, permission was granted to the Ogiste family to operate a night club (Club Addiction) at Madeys, St Patrick and since the opening it has become almost impossible for the residents to sleep at nights when it is in operation.

Sir, we have no problem with Lady Cinty, the former calypso queen and her two soca sons – Luni Sparks and Electrify trying to acquire wealth; it is their right to legally do so.  However, they should not be allowed to achieve their wealth at the expense of other people’s health and security.

Citizens are protected by the constitution and the law and law enforcement authority must ensure that the rights of everyone is upheld.

When the club was opened it was operated from Saturday evenings to five AM Sunday mornings and on those nights it was very difficult for residents of the community to sleep.

Since we are within the carnival season it is being operated on a regular basis and the speakers have moved from the inside of the building to the outside making it more difficult for the residents to sleep. This means that on a regular basis the residents cannot have a good night rest and there are many retirees living in close proximity of the club.

Sir, isn’t there a law against noise pollution? So why then was permission granted to the Ogiste family to operate this night club in a residential area, in the ground floor of a house which is not constructed to facilitate retention of sounds coming from the building?

Residents have complained to the Sauteurs Police Station who informed them that there is nothing the police can do about that. In fact, there are allegations that the Police are employed as security guards at the club.

Besides this a bar was constructed on the roadside under the disguise of a bus shed but it is now named Calcutta Flee market. We the residents are appealing to you to take the necessary action to have this license revoked.

A Resident

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