Disgruntled Police Officers heading to Court over promotions

We want the Government and the Commissioner of Police to know that we are fed up with their manner of handling promotions.

As members of the Police Force, we are aware that all persons cannot get promotion at any one given time but when you see irregularities taking place it makes one wonder what is taking place in the RGPF.

The Royal Grenada Police Force is supposed to base its strategic plan on a performance base service as to deliver quality service through its members performing their given tasks.

In 2012, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Willan Thompson indicated to members of the force that he will do promotion according to the laws laid down for promotion.

A number of persons sat and passed the examination and as a result many of us felt that he himself promoted who he wanted and not in keeping with good practices.

Nevertheless, the government changed after the last elections and there were numerous complaints to the new Prime Minister and the present Acting Commissioner of  Police, Mr. Winston James.

It is our understanding that the Prime Minister promised that he will ensure that those who deserved promotion will be promoted.

A board was appointed to look into this and to screen persons who qualified for promotion.

This was the worse thing that ever happened as you can see from the persons promoted.

There are serious concerns and let us take a look at the true picture.

Ten (10) Sergeants were promoted to Inspectors – we now want the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security to justify to us the criteria that was used to select these persons who were promoted to Inspector and other ranks from Inspector upwards as of 1st July 2014.

The pass mark is 50% in the written exam – then in order to be selected your overall performance will be combined to be selected for promotion and that is standard all around the world.

The reliance on work based performance is what is used as standard in the Caribbean so that due fairness is done and in that case we are of the opinion that that was not done.

The following are our specific concerns:

(1)  How can the Commissioner of Police justify to us a Sergeant who scraped a pass – got a direct 50% and is promoted. Is it because he is the brother of a senior minister because he was the last person to pass the written exam and was seen as a non-performer?

(2) A Sergeant came either second or third in the exam  – he is the Operation Sergeant at CID. He was overlooked and someone who was removed from a division under suspicious circumstances received promotion over the Sergeant who is instrumental in solving so much crime in the last two years or so. Is this right Mr. Commissioner and Minister of National Security?

(3) A Sergeant who is working in radio room fixing radios and general maintenance and putting bulbs in stations has been promoted to Inspector. How can the Commissioner justify this?

(4) Sir,  you promote three Sergeants to Inspector but the person in charge at present he was not even promoted to ASP. What kind of before behind management is this? Is that how things are done in such a noble organisation as RGPF?

(5) This one is very troubling – the officer who supervises the overall performance in the RGPF  for 2013 into 2014 did pass his exam, received his award for excellence and Policeman of the Year 2013 was not even considered.

Can you imagine that he came out on top of a number of persons in the exams and they got promotion over him? What kind of system is that in the force?

We were of the opinion that he would have been a first choice by the Commissioner of Police. Sir, is this a representation of good leadership in the RGPF? This one is real troubling.

(6) What about the officer who is an Inspector in charge of the Division of Carriacou and Petite Martinique for the last four of five months? The Superintendent who was there is now on pre-retirement leave and that inspector was overlooked for promotion.

However, an inspector who has a number of question marks over his head on all sort of allegations against him is now promoted to ASP.

Another troubling one.

We are calling on the relevant authorities to look into this or else face court action.

Those of us who have been affected by this unjust treatment by the Commissioner and his administration will have no alternative but to go to the Courts of Grenada for justice.

Enough with this kind of unprofessional behaviour within the force.

Concerned Officers

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