NNP, Dr. Mitchell and LEGACY

It is often said that if you don’t know or choose to deny where you came from, you will have great difficulty getting where you want to go.

It is also true that if you don’t know the road you need to take then any road may get you there – you may just end up taking the long and bumpy road that will tire you out and sap every ounce of energy along the way.

As we the Grenadian people judge this NNP administration and its accomplishments so far, we must not fail to use Dr. Mitchell’s own words spoken to the media in a recent interview with Stanford Simon.

In that interview, Dr. Mitchell said by his own admissions that, if you get something by lies, deceit, and false promises, you will not be able to hold on to it and realise your goals and objectives.

Now this is very true whether Dr. Mitchell believes this himself or not, that we must first establish.

The IMF gave among other #1-  Waste and mismanagement of monies raised in revenues and or borrowed and, #2-  Failing to grow the economy (real growth) in accordance and proportion to national growing debt.

Any country that fails to observe these two will ultimately find itself in trouble sooner or later – the NNP of the period 1995 to 2008 is certainly guilty of both.

We as Grenadians can testify of the many projects not completed islandwide where millions were spent with nothing to show for it.

We can testify of the false projections and actual figures given to us in growth by the NNP that has now proven to be nothing more than numbers on paper.

We can testify to the fact that the NNP borrowed huge sums of monies at very high interest rates from commercial lenders which were used towards projects that generated no returns on the dollar.

We can testify of the many cases of mismanagement of negotiations with so-called investors where guarantees were given, nothing was done and we the people are left holding the bag up to today in most cases.

After all is said and done a person or entity can only be truly judged based on its past and present, not on the future, since it is the past and present that ultimately influences the future.

As long as Dr. Mitchell continues to deny the Grenadian people a truthful apology for his NNP blunders of the past period, accept that the NNP is mostly responsible for putting us in the mess we are now in, put away the politics and truly seek to solve our nation’s problems, his own words will continue to come back to haunt him and the NNP because GOD is not asleep.

And while he may be able to fool lots of our people, he can’t fool GOD. Has the NNP changed? Has Dr. Mitchell changed? Let’s take a look and see for ourselves. During 1995 to 2008 the NNP and Dr. Mitchell made many deals on our behalf that ended up putting us in millions of dollars of debt, deals that we only heard of in most cases when they went sour like the Jack Grynberg oil deal and the E.J Miller Hog Island deal.

Today what is the NNP doing? Is it being any more transparent in deals on our behalf? Does the nation know anything about these new so-called investors? Is there any consultation on national development projects at any level? Are there any environmental impact studies done? Do the public have any knowledge of who these investors are like the one on the Carenage before they come in?

Do we now have legitimate investors like Sandals and St George’s University, Barons or the Chocolate factory? Is the NNP true to its campaign promises on taxes, jobs, investors, the new economy and the 10 point plan, better representation, prosperity and more disposable income?

Can we say that any of these are being seriously addressed? Could we seriously believe that the 36.7 million from the IMF and World Bank will fix all that?

Dr. Mitchell wants unity and for all Grenadians to come on board with the NNP to help him out of the mess he has made for us, but does he expect to get full support when he continues to blame everything he can’t fix on the NDC?

Does he expect to get full support when he continues to reign spite and victimisation on persons he perceives or knows do not tow the NNP line, people like Willan Thompson, Gemma Bain-Thomas, ASP Fleming of the Immigration Department, Judy Benoit of the Elections Office and many others?

Is he forgetting these people are all Grenadians and they all have families too – some of whom are in the public service? Is this the NNP’S way of building unity? Is the NNP today any different to the NNP of the past by still refusing full disclosure of what it claims to be doing on we the people’s behalf in all those back door deals?

Where is the real consultation on these major decisions being made by the NNP government in Parliament? Who Now speaks for the people on those bills being rushed through the Parliament to please the IMF and the 15 Lords of Grenada?

Is the NNP behaving any different now to how it behaved in the past?

NO, and that is because like the GULP, the NNP is all about Keith Claudius Mitchell just like the GULP was all about Eric Matthew Gairy.

Peeping Tom

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