Dishonest politicians

As someone who was born and bred in the village of Munich, I can say with clarity, conviction and documentary evidence to prove it, that past and present governments of Grenada, be they NNP,NDC, GULP etc and the company to which the people’s assets and life blood were sold, have no regards or respect for the people of Munich.

For the best part of thirty years or more, the people of that village have had  to put up with dirty or muddy water flowing through their taps when it rains!!

Even when there’s no rain, residents have to contend with with constant stoppages which is having a profound effect on families with small children in particular.

To rub salt in their “bleeding wounds”, water from their nearby Bacolet River is being taken hundreds of miles away to supply the residents of St.George’s and surrounding areas who have none of the problems described above.

Nevertheless, every five years those unscrupulous politicians, dubious people when it comes to integrity go around the country with their lies, deception and misinformation and double talk asking the electorate to vote for them in what passes for western democratic elections.

Some of these governments, on occasion, would have been in power for unbroken periods of fifteen years.

It is therefore not surprising that a great many persons have decided against taking part in what they regard as a futile exercise and a means by which dishonest politicians enrich themselves and flaunt their sometimes ill-gotten gains on the rest of society.

E.M Rogers

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