A lot to be done

I am not the average Grenadian who sit down and complain.  There is a lot to be done – all the people who  complaining, what are they doing to help the situation?

First you need to educate your people – this nation has the most uneducated people I ever come across,  then, you need to make a big cut on importation.

We need to export some more. Agriculture needs to step up so we can feed the nation, we need to market the country some more.  We are one of the safest country in the Caribbean, we have to use what we have to get what we want.

Let’s market our Carnival and our sports to the rest of the world. It’s time to start buying back Grenada and stop selling it.

Foreigners can see what we have but we are blind to all the good things we have. We need to break the fifteen hour cycle and go twenty four hours – one massive casino and two good industry and free bus for school children to take some of the burden off parents.

Unity, togetherness, understanding are what it takes to build a nation. I don’t think we made a mistake, this Government has more ears than the other so let’s put our head and heart stogether if we want a brighter future.

Joshua Griffith

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