IMF has Mitchell by the throat

When the former NDC government implemented the VAT, only one tax, Keith Mitchell went loco, today he has implemented 19 different taxes on the poor people of Grenada; is Mitchell for real? Where does he expect the people to get the monies to pay taxes? There are no employment in Grenada, except for Mitchell’s friends and their families.

This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, while this tax situation under his watch worsens. It is about time the people of Grenada stand up to this dictatorial NNP regime.

Taxation in Grenada under the Mitchell NNP regime is perceived as oppressive.

This is a culture of corruption; if you are as fed up with this sorry state of affairs as I am, you’ll understand why I couldn’t stand to sit on the sidelines anymore. We have to remind Mitchell that his government is supposed to represent all the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, not just his pals.

He could implement, but not enforce this mess of 19 different taxes. The people of Grenada, by refusing to accept the NNP offer of representation, can avoid giving the Mitchell regime a pretence for taxing them.

It’s the people’s right to challenge any unnecessary and unreasonable taxes. Grenadians don’t have to settle for Mitchell and his nonsense. Enough is enough, people, come on, stand up once and for all against this corrupted regime.

Mitchell is too deceptive and wicked. I hope he is paying his taxes. Why are the people of Grenada accepting Mitchell’s disgusting and ridiculous behaviour? Take a stand.

Mitchell had promised during his electoral campaign speeches, over and over, that he would not raise taxes. He lied. He implemented 19 different taxes on this poor population of people. This is unprecedented in Grenada’s political history.

This is making Grenadians disgusted; talk about a double standard. This is outrageous; Grenadians must organize themselves, and get rid of this worse than communist regime. Fight for positive change. Is this the best our people can do? The exorbitant (very excessive) tax increase from $19 to $285; and from $385 to $1,500 in one year is unacceptable.

The people of Grenada have to look at this from a new perspective. It has been proven in history over and over again. This humongous increase in taxes is too much, this cannot be allowed to continue, and it is unacceptable for a country with no employment.

Some governments have always struggled with tax noncompliance and resistance. Tax resistance has played a significant role in the collapse of several empires, including Egyptian, Roman, Spanish and Aztec. Tax resistance is the refusal to pay tax, because of opposition to the government that is imposing the tax or to the government policies or as opposition to the concept of taxation in itself.

Tax resisters come from a wide range of background with diverse ideologies and aims. For example, Henry David Thoreau and William Lloyd Garrison drew inspiration from the American Revolution. Some tax resisters refuse to pay tax because their conscience will not allow them to enrich politicians, while others resist as part of a campaign to overthrow the government.

A resister may lower their tax payments by using legal tax avoidance techniques. The most dramatic and characteristic method of tax resistance is to refuse to pay a tax — either by quietly ignoring the tax bill or by openly declaring the refusal to pay.

The IMF has Keith Mitchell by the throat; now the people of Grenada must unite and come together and resist; let the IMF choke him. Take a stand, Grenadians, a united people could never be defeated. Why should the people have to pay for Mitchell’s mistakes and recklessness?

Mitchell has never invested, not even a one cent in Grenada in all the years that he’s been in politics. He is burdening the poor people, who can’t even afford to buy food to feed their children, while Mitchell lives in luxury
Why do the people of Grenada have to keep suffering because of Mitchell’s greed and recklessness and carelessness? Time to take a united stand against this regime.

Helen Grenade

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