A satisfied patient

There is an old West Indian proverb that says give praises to whom it is due, and speak the truth of the wrong thing we do

I am not a person who believes in expressing myself to the general public or engaging in gossip and idle talk but often times you may be in a position where you hear or you are engaged in a conversation that speaks of our health care system where persons will criticise the working of this system to the lowest.

Sorry to say I have been around these people and heard those remarks but have learnt over the years, that like any relationship, getting a one night stand does not mean that you know someone, but going out with a person over a period of time, you will be able to learn about the person.

This brings me to the matter at hand, I have been fortunate enough to spend 28 days at the General Hospital and each day that passes I wondered if it is the same hospital people speak about with so much distaste. Like any organisation there are good workers and those who do not take pride in doing their job with the highest level of professionalism.

But I have never in my life believed that the care I see given to patients at the hospital reflects what people speak of about the nurses. There are some that go through their bad days, like anyone else they are human and have problems just like anyone else.

For the duration of my stay I have witnessed nurses begging patients to eat, being patient with them to ensure that they consume adequate nutrition so they can get stronger, they even ensured with the help of the Orderlies that the patients who cannot leave their beds on their own accord are given proper baths.

I am very sure that the care being given by the staff of the General Hospital gives much more emphasis on patient recovery and well-being than that of their families who may feel burdened and not make a conceited effort.

It will be remiss of me if I did not say thanks to staff of the General Hospital; the nurses and doctors specifically of the Male Medical and Private Ward for making my stay there more bearable with their warm smiles and caring and comforting demeanour.

I wish to urge you to continue showing that you care, it means a lot to patients, believe, telling you from experience it helps each patient get through the day.

It is my hope that we as Grenadians would learn one day how to appreciate persons not just by their job descriptions but the tireless work they put in on a daily basis in service to the general public.

We should do our utmost best not to judge an entire quadrant of people on the bad experiences of one individual or experience. Like it is written in the bible “Let He without sin cast the first stone”.

Elarius Frank

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